Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No One's The Bitch

Today a friend and fellow Austin WriterGrrl, Jennifer Newcomb Marine launches her first book, No One's the Bitch - A Ten Step Plan for the Mother and Stepmother Relationship. Many years ago, Jen (a most talented writer) mentioned this project collaborating with her husband's wife, Carol Marine. I thought it an incredible idea - to write a book about mothers and step-mothers working together. Following along the difficult path--idea, book proposal, agent search, editor, publisher--has been most interesting. I wish them great success.

I defer to the multi-talented Fragrant Liar as she has written a much better promo for Jen and Carol's book. Friday is the first reading at Book People, an Austin independent book store. Great title, don't you think? Please click on the book to arrive at Jen's site or the title above to view it on Amazon.

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