Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update on the Midlife Jobhunter

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?  
Satchel Paige

Time once again to add a year to the number in my blog header. Fifty-five no longer suffices, unless I lie. I'm not a very good liar. In fact, when I try to lie, my forehead tends to become a flashing neon

 She's Lying!

Here I am at my birthday a few weeks ago.

All my life, not being a good liar has hindered my growth.  Means I step on my foot, a lot, when someone asks my opinion. Even the fiction I write comes from life and not much made up. Perhaps why Science Fiction and Fantasy aren't my genres and personal essay is much easier for me.

I am now 56.  This getting older has hit me. Perhaps because this birthday my mom and dad weren't around to remind me I'm someone's child. My husband is after me to plan for retirement and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

But Midlife Jobhunter? What was I thinking four years ago when I began this venue? I was 52. I honestly considered myself mid-life.  I'm not certain I'll make it to 104. And now, 112?

Do I change the title of my blog? I've considered a few.

Back When I Was Skinny
What's Ahead?
Where Did the Time Go?
How Can I Be 56? (Which of course will change every year.)
The Reluctant Matriarch
The Old Bitch
The Flower's Dropping her Petals
Somebody Pluck her Chin Hairs
Autumn Strikes
The Invisible Woman
The Youthful Elder

You may have noticed, I've also been fiddling with the blog's design. Not a great amount of time invested there as I'm not certain what I'm seeking. As usual.

I'm not up for beginning an entirely new blog and leaving this one behind. In the blog world, Midlife Jobhunter is who I am. Perhaps clinging to the word midlife brings me comfort.  (I must admit that it took me about five minutes to come up with that name when I began, but that's what I believed I was.)

From its early beginning of a woman in a panic, frightened of the world ahead, I must say I'm quite surprised at where Midlife Jobhunter is now. As well as where she isn't. My husband's company came around and the fear of its demise passed. I've managed to make a little money by utilizing some of my old skills - teaching, reading, and editing. I make about a dollar two ninety-eight an hour doing each. Not quite a lucrative career.

I had the crappiest job of my life - scoring state required test essays. Been chewed up and spit out by middle and high school students while substitute teaching--although discovered I carry quite a big stick so students need to pack a lunch if they want to take me on. (Raising three boys had something to do with that.) I can be any kind of editor someone wants me to be, yet still have trouble editing my own work.

I'm still the happiest when sitting on my bed, surrounded by my research and thoughts, my backyard my view if I should look up while plunking away on my laptop. Creating.

As for the followers I've met on this wandering? You are incredible people. Real people. Smart people. Creative people. Most interesting to have followed your paths as you followed mine. As my blog segued beyond jobhunting into everything from weddings, funerals, hangovers, travels, writing and reading, bird watching, and who knows where else, I have enjoyed following your journeys. Sharing your intimacies, your fears, your joys, your lives.

So, what is this about? Hell if I know. It's almost the end of August and I need another post so I'll have two this month.

Honestly, though. Have any of you considered changing the name of your blog? Did you worry about your followers finding you? I don't plan on giving up blogging, but does a 56 year old woman still have credibility as a Midlife Jobhunter? Does it matter?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Always Something

How can I distract myself? Let me count the ways.
Julie Sucha Anderson

I have a new distraction. I don't know that it's a distraction per se as I don't really know what else I should be doing. I could say writing my book, cleaning my house, watering my plants, spending time with friends, finishing an abundance of unfinished projects, reading the long piles of books in my stash. You know, making the world a better place --volunteer service and all that jazz.

Seems like I did that crap for years. Not interested anymore.

Do you feel like I'm setting myself up for an excuse? You betcha baby. A few months ago I was hooked on Scrabble. Now I play only a few games with three people, but I also added a couple of Words with Friends games. I know, I know. I'm ashamed. I know I'm a hypocrite, but Scrabble wouldn't load and WTF would and there you go. Impatient and fickle, I go with what works.

Since I only play with a few family members and a couple Canucks I met in my more active Scrabble days, I no longer seek random partners in word building throughout the world to distract me and occupy my time.  I've discovered a much better opportunity. Pinterest. So fun and so brainless. Look at a picture. Decide if you like it. Repin it to your boards which are very easy to make up. Couple clicks here and there. Only takes five minutes a shot.

 They even offer a few boards already made to get you started, but it only takes a couple hours of perusals to figure out that what they originally offer will not suffice. Hence, you create your own.

Very sick Halloween decorations
Weirdest Animals in the world
The "Okay, I could live there" or
"I want to go there" pin.
I went there
Or maybe I do like birds or
I'd like that hat and that cat and that pizza pie on that grill lodged on top of the Taj Majal. Wait!!!

Suddenly an entire scenario comes forth as you choose from this massive mosaic in front of your fingertips. Patterns emerge and  the opportunity to shore in on what you really like organizes your life right before your eyes. You can plan your perfect day - or week - or trip - or life.

For instance - how about a trip to Alaska?

Like those? Pin them on your Alaska album. Or maybe you like motorcycles --

Or you like flowers -- 

Or views from windows--

Or blue water
Or lakes or oceans --

Let's do a dream trip.

Dear Mr. Pinterest,

I have made my decisions based on what you presented on your website. I appreciate your assistance in making my dream fly.

I want to go to Iceland and stay in that snow cave hotel and when I'm there, I want some conch tacos shipped in from Providenciales. And that hat that's shaped like a peacock. Oh, and don't forget my husband - but if you can't find him, get one of those young muscular guys leaning on some car who has his shirt off. Really tan. About 35. Nice pecs. Any of those guys will do. And the car - don't forget the car. You know, right next to the really big tree you can drive your car through. Yes, that one - the VW bus.

Oh, oh, oh, don't forget to bring some flowers and pretty dresses and teacups for afternoon lounging and a clothesline. Have to have a clothesline or else all the clothes will smell like people who don't have a clue about clotheslines.

Bring the Mystery Date and Twister games from the past and the Yardley lipstick. Leave Chatty Cathy at home. Find a Merry go Round.

Bring all the weird looking animals and the cute ones, too. Make certain all the amazing bugs are in cages. Don't forget to pick up the Airstream for the ride home.

What else...

Food - everything on my pin, plus drinks. Which means we'll need a cook and a bartender. Okay, you have all this? Because I need to get back to planning my next trip. Hmmmm. I think Machu Pichu. Don't forget the wheelchair for that one.

Hey, if you want to share in the fun, just type in and in a few days you can be a member too. You can waste time just like me, yet see the coolest stuff. You can see the desert in bloom, baby animals, cool insects and sea life, recipes, cabins, oceans, dreams.

Even better part? You run into some of your blogging friends and even your neighbors.

Dreaming. Putting dreams together or not putting them together. Just seeing them. Fun.

Come join me. There's a pin right there in red on the right side of my blog that will get you there. You can see what I like and see if it is for you. Addictive pleasure, but, hey, beats crack, channel surfing, and cleaning toilets.

(I feel like Pinterest should pay me for this advertisement.)


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