Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Milestone for the Humbled Midlife Jobhunter

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust

I found it rather poignant to have noticed at this late hour that I have 100 posts and 150 followers. How cool is that. I should be in bed but as with most of my late nights, I find the most interesting people out there in this world. For that, I am grateful.

When I began this blog, I had no idea where it might lead or even why I started it. Set it up rather casually, however, I no longer take it casually. I have met the most incredible people, all with their own stories, proclivities, talents, insights, challenges, hope, and expertise. What a fine group of people you are. I thank you for the opportunity to join in your words and lives.

Please click on all lines and phrases below to take a most incredible journey through life, living, eating, and possibly finding camaraderie in a difficult world. I know I have missed many of you due to the late hour. Gladly there are more milestones to come for recognition. Meanwhile, click on the underlined sentence fragment to get to the site.

from Istanbul, allowing us to tour a fascinating part of the world,

in England letting us live the life of a farmer with a most intelligent wife

an 84 year old women in Green Bay, Wisconsin writing her heart about life and past

moms living through the changes with kids,

and even more kids and jobhunter as well,

book readers, more book readers, lions on the porch

missing person searches with the occasional glimpse of the dad in love with his kids

comics, scorpions, and guy stuff in Arizona

just an all and out liar, and a lovely friend

a writer that offers a mix of ideas and adds the Indian culture

one women who can lose weight, that I envy,

a devoted grandmother and wife who shares tales of her past and present

a serious memoirist

a Gumbo Writer and a

talented writer and fellow night owl

One finding a way to make to the world a better place

a studier of the writing craft

one who may not want to be on her own, but now is, in the cold,
and doing well.

one who finds footprints in the snow

one whose incredible photographs and dedication to other writers is most welcome

poets through back doors

the hatching writer

a broad with a smart mouth

a writer honing the craft and discovering the publishing world

soul searchers on the road

one who feed us and lets us party ala Mardi Gras and gumbo

rebels with causes

a tart with a sense of humor

one who teaches Up North, there, and makes us laugh with her insights

one who teaches, raise kids, and reaches out
from an island

I've tired out on the evening and have missed many of you, but thank you for making this blog experience most interesting. I am impressed with this opportunity and the resurgence of people needing and "listening" to people.

How can a year and 100 posts have passed so quickly? Onward we march. May the force be with us!


  1. Julie, you and I started at about the same time, and I agree that it has opened a whole new world. You were the first blog I found of someone in my approximate age group, at a time when I feared that only mommies blogged! I think it was the post about reading the obituaries, which I myself do to see if I'm there (old joke), and many many other posts showed to me that we had much in common despite our differences. You have been so supportive of me with your kind comments, and I have learned much from you as well. So put yourself on that list you made as being an inspiration to women of a certain age group!

  2. Congratulations on your two milestones! That's wonderful. May this next year be just as fulfilling. :)

  3. A hearty congrats! I am inspired by the fact that you are celebrating these milestones. I'm a big believer in celebrating all things large and small. Onward!

  4. Congrats on your accomplishment.

    And thanks for the kind words...

  5. Woot-woot! Congrats, dear friend. I knew you'd like it once you tried it. Addictive kind of, isn't it? And your blog is equally so.

    Onward, WriterGrrl!

  6. Congratulations on the entries and the followers; it's a great accomplishment. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through Blogland and wish you many more entries and years of blogging pleasure.

  7. Congratulations on 100 posts Julie! What a nice thing you have done, I will click on each and every line and BTW, I was really surprised to find myself within that list of "lines" ...Thank you!

  8. Julie, I feel exactly as you do about blogging. I started it as a bit of fun but now it has become an important part of my daily life. It lends a kind of discipline to my day and it puts me in touch with so many interesting people who I now count as friends. Thank you for the mention in your links too.

  9. Congrats on your 100th post! Time flies when you're having fun! I am thankful to be counted among your friends. Thanks!

  10. Well done on reaching your milestones!

  11. Congratulations on your milestone! 100 posts and 150 followers is truly impressive. I understand how you feel about the blog neighborhood enriching your days. It's a whole lotta fun!

  12. What a creative way to shine a spotlight on your new blogging buds! I thought your description of DS suited her perfectly - I guessed that one right off!

    Congrats on your 100th post ;0)

  13. People would not read and comment on your posts if they were not worthy and you have a gift and you share it with us. You have worked hard to learn your craft and when are you going to finish that novel?


  14. This is a fantastic post. Thank you for sharing these soulful writers. You are one of the best among them, and I am so glad to have found your blog. I shall return in the morning to finish visiting them.

  15. Congratulations Julie, on your milestone! What price late night efforts that lead you to so many followers and friends across the globe? I have benefited from your insights, loved following your journey with photos, love your honesty, and love this new list you gave us. Am finding more bloggy friends by the moment! Celebrate your achievement, my friend.

  16. A very happy 100th post to you! I am happy to have been along for the ride.

  17. Hi Julie,

    Just finished reading your Christmas letter, and noticed your blog. Thought I would say HELLO and congratulations!

    Christine R.

  18. I have to echo all your blogging friends - this is a wonderful way to celebrate and to share your love with us. Your descriptions make me want to visit everyone!

  19. Congratulations! Lots of good friends here.

  20. Congratulations!! Isnt this blogging lark the best.

  21. I love this post! Congratulations on both milestones and what a great idea. I plan to visit each of those bloggers you linked.

    And I also began blogging in the same spirit and am stunned by how much it has become part of my life.

  22. Congratulations on your milestones!! I've bookmarked several of the blogs you mentioned and am equally grateful for the friends we have in common.
    Here's to another great year, and many more hundreds of posts, Julie!

  23. What a generous post! I was just thinking a few minutes ago about what an incredible thing the internet has become, in that it allows us to instantly reach out and touch the lives of so, so many. I never would have thought that this "impersonal" way of communicating would become so intimate and meaningful. And thanks to you for the insightful (and so often hilarious!) gifts you give all of us every week!

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  25. Congrats on 100 posts and 150 followers! That is amazing. Thanks, too, for including me in your list. I'm humbled and flattered. I'll be sure to check out all those blogs. I'm always on the look out for great blogs to read.

  26. Congrats on your 100 posts and 150 followers. I am honored to be among those you have linked here but even more honored to consider you a friend here in this strange world we call Bloggyville. You never cease to inspire me, enlighten me and bring a smile to my face.

    I raise my glass to you, your writings and your midlife road trip. I'm so glad to have met you, my friend.


  27. The quote by Proust is the most perfect for this blog post... it's the way I feel about the friends in my life, whether they be internet friends or real-life face-to-face friends!

    I am always inspired and lifted when I read your posts... you are such a gifted writer (as I've mentioned before!) and it's such a joy to read your blog.

    I see some fellow bloggy friends in your list, but I'm already looking forward to going thru that list to find some new, inspirational bloggers to follow!

  28. Thanks for the mention.
    Always enjoy your takes on things.

  29. Time passes quickly in the company of good friends. Congrats on both milestones. I'm so happy to have met you here and to be counted as a fellow traveler.

  30. P.S. I love the way you did the links - like a scavenger hunt. Really fun, and cool to find myself there. Love.

  31. We've all discovered a good thing...haven't we? :)
    Already went to one of your recommended blogs and enjoyed what I read.

  32. I am late to the post here--thank you for the mention. One thing I admire about you is your generosity in your comments and reaching out to new writers. Congrats on 100 posts!! I look forward to being part of your world on this 2010 journey.

  33. I know this is redundant, since Linda already gave you this, but I left you a Happy 101 Sweet Friends Award at the blog, lol. Just letting you know you are loved!

  34. Congrats on your big 100! What a sweet way to commemorate it. Thank you so much for the linkage. Looking forward to the next 100 and beyond.

  35. What a wonderful way to introduce your friends! Thanks for the links!

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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