Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Parking

But I wouldn’t have fared any better at a secluded writer’s colony in the woods, because I was the ideal candidate for writer’s block. All the classic defects converged in me—inexperience, impatience, perfectionism, confusion, fear. Above all I suffered from a naïve view that writing should be easy. I thought that words were supposed to come unbidden.
From The Tender Bar – J.R. Moehringer

This is the fifth post I've started this afternoon. Trying to find a good topic, like writing about my list of things to accomplish before I start work next week or the fruit turning red on the potted tomato plant outside my window, is simply not working. Nor can I find all the lists of ideas for this column. Slips of paper scattered here and there, none in reach of where my rear end is parked at the moment.

I’m thinking this might be punishment for not having been to the YMCA yet today and it is now almost 4pm. If I am going to learn how to adjust my schedule and exercise later in the day, this might be the precise time to drag my butt over there. In fact, I can feel that butt getting wider the longer I sit in this chair.

Perhaps there was a reason for this parking spot, though. My middle son just called from college in Arizona and had I been out and about, would have missed it. (My boys normally don’t call unless something is awry. Probably stems from their younger, sibling fight days when I told them to only come get me if one of them was bleeding.) Hopefully I had a few words of comfort for this boy's worry about a test that had not gone well. Nice to know they know they can still call home.

Off to sweat…and ponder a more interesting post for another day, when the words do arrive unbidden.


  1. I think that you've found the perfect topic Midlife Jobhunter.........
    Hey that reminds me of that song..."No parking baby.....no parking on the dance floor". Do you remember that one??? Surely you do. And I'm not calling you Shirley :)I'm sorry that I'm silly at your blog. You be serious when you visit mine, okay???
    Sorry, I digress..........as usual....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Me thinketh the universe works in the weirdest and serendipitous of ways.

  3. It doesn't matter what time you go, just that you go. Good for you. I can't tell you how many times I will start a draft, and then another and then another. Then I give up. for a day anyway.

  4. Just finished catching up on your posts and now have an overwhelming urge to get into my pajamas and lie down until the urge to exercise (which is a very weak one) goes away. Seeing as how I've never walked as far as the garage to use the Boflex (never mind getting in the car and driving to the YMCA), I'm afraid I'm not your girl when it comes to tips concerning fitting exercise into a busy day. What I can advise though, is that you keep putting one foot in front of the other, especially during these days that test and challenge you. And keep telling us about this path you're carving out because we must know know how the story goes. You're a trailblazer.

  5. I have had bloggers block so many times and then I lay in bed at night and something pops in my head. If I had limo service I'd get to my YMCA more often. There is something about getting in my car and having to drive there that turns me away. lol!

  6. great post... u are exactly right sometimes all of a sudden we tend to have nothing to write, in fact there are so many things to write about, well maybe because we are not just interested in that things that we thought wouldn't be good for all our readers, or good enough for us.

  7. Midlife, Menopause...

    "Sorry, I digress..........as usual...."

    That's what keeps us interesting, isn't it? And I promise I will never be silly on your site. Never. Ever.

  8. SMB
    "I can't tell you how many times I will start a draft, and then another and then another. Then I give up. for a day anyway."

    Very comforting words. I need to get better at getting after it the next though.

  9. Fragrant Liar,

    Yes, sometimes amazes me how things work out when left to set.


  10. Michelle,

    "You're a trailblazer."

    Perhaps a reluctant trailblazer. Thank you for the great comment. Onward toward the trenches.

  11. Jill said,
    If I had limo service I'd get to my YMCA more often.

    Now, there's a solution. Oh, wait, but I'd need another job to pay for the limo.

    Janice said,
    ...or good enough for us

    Yes, most often I get in my own way. Thanks for following.


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