Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Night and the Lights Are Out!

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
Douglas Adams

We had a power failure during the night. Now that I have a monetary concern regarding my morning wakeup time, I find myself glancing at the clock several times during the night. Last night’s fourth or fifth foray into measured sleep failed to illuminate my bedside timepiece. Felt my way to the kitchen to claim my purse and the buried cell phone, after which I brailed my way through the house to discover where I may have left my reading glasses the night before. Upon discovery of reading glasses, the cell phone informed me I had one hour and six minutes more to sleep. I then sat in the dark, wasting precious pillow time, figuring out how to set the alarm on the phone.

I did arrive at work on time and after putting my lunch in the fridge, headed into the bathroom to see if the eyeliner and mascara I had applied by candlelight was anywhere near my eyes. (Thank you Daylight Savings Time.) Then checked to see if my socks matched. I have to tell you, with the possibilities of experiences I considered in this return to work gig, getting dressed in the dark was not on the list.

We have had rain in Texas this week, which is a welcome relief from the months of drought. But I believe moisture is not the reason for the power outage. Last week our neighborhood was littered with white trucks and hard-hatted men leaning on shovels as they replaced the ugly green power boxes with new ugly green power boxes. I’m thinking it's their fault.

Anyway, a more thorough report of my first week at work will come later. Right now, I’m headed to bed. Friday night, in bed by 10. Feels like I’m committing a sin crawling into bed this early, but I don’t care.


  1. Ug. That mighta made me skip work!

    Hittin' the hay too. Sadly...before any of the three teens arrive home. *yawnnnnnn*

  2. Angie,
    I hear you. Can't wait up for mine either. Oh, well.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, I've joined your followers and will be back to check your musings. Margaret

  4. It's so good when the weekend comes, isn't it? I just live for them these days. They have become my sacred cow. Nobody gets to eat up my weekend time but me!

    I see you are hanging in there, but would love to get together when you can to catch up.


  5. But when you got to work and saw that your socks matched and eye make-up was rocking, you failed to notice the underwear on the outside of your pants, right?

    I do that sometimes, just to keep my co-workers on their toes.

  6. I always use my cell phone for an alarm these days. But I've been waking up eary for so long, I cna't remember the last time the alarm had to wake me up.

  7. I always use my cell for an alarm too. Sometimes nothing feels better than crawling into bed (at any time) for good night's sleep. I hope you had a great weekend.

  8. At least your makeup was where it belonged! i hate to arrive and realize my mascara has had a day of its own away from my eyes!

  9. And electrical outage can cause so many problems.

  10. Thank you, Margaret. I loved that picture of the wash on the line on your site.

    Fragrant Liar: Yes, I hope we can catch up soon. Like on a weekend. It went so fast!

    Jocelyn: Wow, the underwear. I so forget to check that.

    PHST: I have never been able to automatically get up early in the morning. I come by it honestly, however. Runs in my family. My husband is the early bird.

    SMB- Looking forward to crawling into bed tonight. And, yes, the weekend. Had the middle come home from college in Arizona for Spring Break. He brought two friends. Nice to have a full table of boys.

    TTWC- Yeah, and I'm such a zero at applying it anyway. On special occasions, I put blush on as well.

    Debbie: Yes, my kitchen clocks are still flashing 12pm at me.


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