Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hail, Hail --- to MICHIGAN STATE

Odd post. Big hail storm in Austin, Texas today. I've never seen hail like this. BTW, sometimes not going to the YMCA is a good thing. Just plain tired after work today. Decided to go straight home even though I had all my stuff in the car. Good thing I only made quick stop before landing on the couch. Stopped by Walgreens to buy ear plugs. The lady sitting behind me at work? Clueless. Has no idea she chaws her gum. I have no idea how to broach that subject with her as I'm sure she is not aware and I don't want to hurt her feelings, but in the silent atmosphere of high school essay scoring, this chomper radiates her skills throughout the room. (Please excuse the run-on sentence, but I've been reading 11th grade essays for almost three weeks now and I have no writing skills left. Pamela, please tell me I will survive this.)

Anyway, noticed the sky was rather dark as I approached home. Storm came. Gathered in the garage with my oldest and youngest son to collect the specimens of hail as they grew larger. Quite impressive. (Also, now have no memory as to what comprises a sentence.)

As to the Michigan State portion of this piece - well, you Michigan Wolverines know how your school song has the ending, Hail, Hail to Michigan, the losers of the West? Well, hmmm, I'm thinking it's Michigan State that is still in the NCAA tournament. March Madness. Go Green! Spartans Rock!

Hail, hail to Michigan ... State

Enjoy the pictures.


  1. That's absolutely amazing! We are not THAT far from you, and we didn't get a thing! A lot of black ominous skies and some rain that lasted all of ten seconds, and then . . . nada. I had really looked forward to a storm of some magnitude after all the hype. Of course, I'd have also been torked if hail that size had pounded my car. Guess I'm lucky?

  2. Dear Liar:

    I'm glad you didn't get anything. I was worried about you driving home.

  3. Wow, that's amazing! The last time we got a big hailstorm ours were about the size of the middle sized one of yours. My oldest son and I went wandering around in the yard in the dark to collect a bunch in a baggie so we could show them off later. What fun that was. Well, fun until I realized we had to have our roof replaced, two car claims and also the roof at our office! Be sure to check your roof!

  4. You should've just done your exercising out in the hail storm--a kind of interval training, as you dodged each flying missile.

    Oh, and the next step in your reading career is that you'll start adopting the errors you read every day. I used to be extremely "tight" in my writing and never make an error...right around Year 2 of grading college writing, though, I started using "it's" for "its" sometimes.

    I slapped myself silly and came back from that brink, eventually.

  5. Wow! I qouldn't want to be hit on the head with one of those beauties. They are so big. A hail storm can be so frightening.


  6. You are reading student essays for your job? Are you, like a test scorer?

    Oh, trippy golf balls you have over there. I'd stay indoors if I were you.

  7. Got walluped here too. Wondered where the bad weathr came from. Have a great and restful weekend.

  8. Just stumbled over your blog and dint want to sneak out without wishing you all the best of your path of self discovery and job hunt. GOOD LUCK. Paula

  9. Of course you will, I promise. Just think of all the new creativity it will bring, the increased motivation to read dense books. And the great lingo you'll have for that YA novel you been dying to write..right?


  10. Wow. That is some impressive hail.

  11. Hail is fascinating to me. I don't like it but it's still fascinating. As for your writing skills, cut yourself some slack. I feel like such a rebel when I end my sentence with a preposition. It's empowering. This is where you can kick back and relax. We're not judging. Have a great, relaxing weekend.

  12. Wow... that is something.. I'm not a fan of hailstorms... yet, something as big as that.. I would have liked to witness :)

  13. Wendy: The roof indeed. Already called the adjuster. Also most funny how my oldest son kept sending my youngest out for more specimens while the nodules rained down. "Just go, Ian, go fast," says the oldest, always ready to send the youngest to do the deed.

    Jocelyn: It's/its, passed/past, their/there/, your/your're I'm not sure which ones are right anymore.

    Margaret: Frightening indeed. Was so glad my family was all in a safe place. Only the poor 12 year old van has a new design on its front end.

  14. Angie: Yup. Weather went your way. Hope it wasn't too bad.

    Paula and Skip: Welcome to Midlife Jobhunter. It is becoming quite the ride. Please come back.

    Pamela: Ha! I'm thinking it is going to send me far away from the YA mode. Like right into my floatie with a bottle of scotch.

    Debbie: Most impressive hail. Quite the exciting storm.

  15. SMB - Okay, thanks for giving me free license not to worry about my sentence structure and grammar. I'll remember that while I ramble. Have a great weekend, too, oh busy mom/wife/writer/worker.

    Phoenix: Just remember to witness from inside, with your car in the garage. Thanks for visiting.

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