Monday, May 24, 2010

Before the Next Party, I Putter

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.
W.E. Johns, The Passing Show

We're having a party on Saturday night. Imagine that - the Andersons having a party. After all, it has been about two weeks since the last one.

This next event is a high school graduation party. Held in honor of the third and last kid graduating from high school, this party is a no brainer. I can do this one with my hands tied behind my back. With the Eagle Scout Court of Honor pushed to the end of the month, this day began without a feeling of rush. I embraced that. I have accomplished nothing.

Have puttered the day away. Put my pretty silver shoes from the wedding into their box and onto the shelf in the closet. I unpacked my suitcase from the college graduation and buried it in another closet. Emptied the bag in the living room that held the wrapping paper from the 18 year old's birthday presents. Watered the new flowers I've yet to plant.

The school year is winding down so no teaching today. I could drive to the YMCA and swim 3/4 a mile, but can't muster that much effort today. I'm enjoying the quiet while anticipating a rousing houseful on Saturday night.

I have brushed my teeth, read 50 pages in a library book, ate breakfast, put some handwash items in the washer. Excited to discover I won the Peterson's Field Guide to Birds from Susan at City Girl Moves to Oz Land.

Now I think I need a nap while I ponder last night's Lost finale.

Not only have I read two books in the past few days (remember my lack of concentration for reading), I also took a look around my yard. Stopped to smell the flowers, as they say.

Remember my tomato plant wars of past years?

Look what I have growing on my five plants. I did have to squish a few green tomato worms, so I'm not home free. But, oh, my. How proud of myself, I am.

Yes, I do need to add weeding to my list of things to do - tomorrow.


  1. Nah, you're doing great! Weeding can wait.

  2. Wow...those tomatoes look splendid! And you do deserve a little break so no feeling guilty allowed. Congratulations on your prize!

  3. Wow, nice job on the tomatoes. They were fluorishing without much attention even. Sweet!

    You deserve a break, Jules. No guilt allowed about it.

    The grad party will be fun for the whole fam-damily. :)) And then you can relax for awhile, right? RIGHT?

    See you tomorrow night!

  4. Those tomatoes look beautiful. And you should not feel guilty about relaxing!

  5. I'm jealous of you being able to read again! We only just got our tomatoes planted last week, so you're waaay ahead of us! Have a great party, rest and read some more, then worry about those pesky weeds.

  6. Julie. I'm truly impressed at your 'maters. :)

    I just found out today that my daughter-in-law is being induced on June 11, and I still have a baby quilt to finish! ACK. But alas, I am too, too tired to work on it tonight and I work tomorrow.

    Wednesday is another day. Que sera sera. I feel your desire for a break, for some peace.

  7. Your past year's tomato plants made me laugh, Julie...but this year you look like an expert!

    I also have some weeds that need my attention and I'm pondering the Lost finale too!


  8. Look at those tomatoes--our plants are undecided so far whether they will produce or not.

    Congrats on the birding book at Susan's place. That was the one I was shooting for as well. Perhaps, I'll win the rematch.

    Enjoy that nap (someday).

  9. Yum, great tomatoes! I must get some cages for mine this week. And enjoy, enjoy that party this weekend!! What books? Be sure to review any worthwhile for us!

  10. Those tomatoes look wonderful--no success on that front here. As for weeds...what weeds? Take that nap, read those books, rejuvenate.
    And of course, party on ;)

  11. Gardens do something for my spirit and imagination, too. At the end of spring semester every year, for instance, I find myself retreating outside for the sheer joy of WEEDING! So restorative...

  12. The graduation party sounds like fun and it's nice that you don't feel stressed about it. Glad that you are taking a little break and relaxing. You deserve it! You can always pay a neighborhood kid to do the weeding. That's what I do! And your tomatoes look fabulous!

  13. I am so envious of your tomatoes - even though my flowers always look fantastic, I have yet to grow a healthy tomato.

    Are those impatiens? Looks like the same color I have this year.

    I scrolled down to look at the wedding photos, and I must say, I wish I had looked half that good at my son's wedding! You may not think so, but I think you looked incredible!

  14. You're breathing again!
    EnJoy the Saturday party and continue this current trend for another week or so before you tackle anything else. :)

  15. Your tomatoes look better watch those worms though...they can clean the leaves off a plant in a days time....I hate em!

  16. I got so lost last night and am left with so many questions...errr

    Your tomatoes look great, we can't plant here yet as we are still getting frost some nights, soon will be planting time.

    Enjoy your party.....:-) Hugs

  17. Lookin' good, those tomatoes!! Congrats on getting a day totally deserve it! Enjoy the next party!
    We just pulled off our mother's 90th birthday party with 40 sit-down guests...I did the decorating. I'm so thrilled to collapse into a chair and let the day slip away...I can so relate to your putter!

  18. You make it all seem so easy but that sounds busy to me. Have fun partying. :)

  19. You life sounds a bit like mine over the last few months. On the go with travel and parties. Oh well, I'll bet we won't get much sympathy. :-)

    I am very jealous of those tomatoes. We had snow this week. But as soon as we move down the hill, I'm going to try that topsy turvey thingy.

  20. Love the thought process and your tomatoes. You ought to check out my post on tranquil gardening.

    Taking time for ourselves is how we stay who we are, no guilt required.

    Congrats on the prize.

  21. What a perfectly lovely way to spend a day. I love the green tomato pictures - they look like this post feels.

    What books did you read. What did you think of the Lost finale?

    Have a great time Saturday.

  22. Good luck with the party tonight! Your tomatoes look great. My summer veggies are struggling this year.

  23. Hey! I've been AWOL for a couple weeks and missed all the festivities. I'm just catching up here and having a great time looking through the photos. Looks like everything went well. Congratulations on all the good stuff. You son's job with the fawns sounds awesome. I can't wait to see photos.


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