Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Give

A woman my age is not supposed to be attractive or sexually appealing. I just get kinda tired of that.

Kathleen Turner

Okay, I give. Watched Facebook for photos posted of my son and me dancing at his wedding. Haven't found one yet that flatters me, so figure, perhaps I'm just not in a flatter-available posture these days.

But, off to the next adventure. Middle son's college graduation. I can only hope that after a year or more of listening to me, you will understand that I don't seem to live up to my expectations in these photos.

The song choice? The Beatles - In My Life.
Did we have fun? You Betcha Baby.
(And the site where I would now play that song while you look at the photos? Can't find it. Tired, I guess.)

Thank you, Busy Traveler, for the photos.

The proud mom and dad of the groom, awaiting the bride. We so love her.

The family.

The Groom's Cake - the Fraternity House, less the beer cans. Notice the old red photo in the background. Bob and me, 1978. I recently learned that the reason all our photos from the 70's turned red is because of the paper used. You can't imagine all the fun comments from my son's friends on his dad's long hair.
A friend described the picture tonight at dinner - the hippie and the Amish girl. Oh, who said compatibility comes from sameness? Nowadays, the roles seem reversed.

As some of you may know, my mom, the Old?Who?Me? lady suffered a severe fall at the lake. I'm happy to report she is home just today, safely, and recovering.

I have so many great photos. Fodder for the next year. I remember She Writes, who posted one post of her son's wedding, equipped with a long series of photos. I plan to do that in one swoop, but I never seem to do what I plan. Is that a midlife prerogative?

When I get all the pictures, I say. So far behind in my blogging. I promise to catch up soon. Onward.


  1. But it wasn't here. It can't be found. Sweet you, though!

  2. I love this post, you, your husband and sons look wonderful, the bride is beautiful. Now Julie I love your dress and somehow I just knew you would be almost as beautiful as your daughter in law.
    Loved seeing your wedding picture, loved hearing your mom is doing I said I love this post......:-) Hugs

    Oh yes, great choice os song...

  3. I can't believe I'm so goofy that I got all teary-eyed looking at you with your son and then with your four men! The song was a perfect choice, and the first two photos showed both your love and your joy at dancing with him during this special occasion. Just get to go thru this two more times! And I think you looked lovely! (I especially like how you did your hair. I'm trying to figure out what to do with mine now that it's long again, but my dumbo ears keep me from wearing it like you did.)

    I'm so sorry to hear about Bernie, and hope it wasn't too serious. Did she break anything? I know this had to have scared the crap out of all of you.

    I did laugh at your wedding photo! I think it was typical of the time, though. We got married in the mountains and out photos are probably taken with a brownie instamatic!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos. I'm sure you're both disappointed and relieved that this wedding business is all over, so the photos will help you relive it but without all the stress and anticipation!

  4. You are beaming with pride, while dancing with your son, Julie!
    Love the thought of your husband and you reversing roles.
    Glad your mom is home. I have missed her!

  5. I can only imagine what your expectations of "these photos" might be, but you have certainly surpassed any of mine. Especially with the attached prose. What is it about these postings that seems to have so much soul? Best to you.....EFH

  6. Thanks for the look-see! So glad you wore the flip-flop heels for dancing...told you dancing with your son would be great!

    Love your husband's hippie hair on your wedding photo...I know the look well!

    Happy Days ahead!!! Enjoy!

  7. Well, I think you look great! My favorite part of this post is "we so love her". She's one lucky daughter-in-law, I'm thinking.

  8. Are you kidding? The photo of you and your son dancing and you laughing, smiling, is gorgeous!

  9. Sorry to hear about your mother. I hope that she will mend quickly and fully

    You're a beautiful mother of the groom and that's a wonderful photo reflective of your joy and happiness for your son and new daughter. Congrats to all.

    Thanks for sharing such important days in your life.

  10. Love that photo of you and son. These are such great milestones!

  11. Love the pics! They are all wonderful, but I especially like the first one. You look so beautiful and radiant! And your wedding photo looks a lot like mine, minus the ocean in the background. Our hubbies even share the same first and last names!! Best of luck with the graduation, cher! You'll be in that hammock in no time!

    Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery!

  12. Great pictures. Great memories. Nothing can beat them.

  13. I didn't think Amish girl...I thought, First Holy Communion. :)

    Sorry to hear about your mom (Bernie). I'm SO glad to know that she's alright.

    Congratulations on the wedding - YOU did it!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing their special day. The bride stunning, the groom handsome, and the mother happy and beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done - both the son and the wedding. :-)

  15. I love the dress! You look great.

  16. Wonderful photos! You look lovely in your purple dress. And I love the back of your hair in that one photo of the vows.

    Glad to hear that your mom is ok, too.

    Good luck with the graduation festivities.

  17. It's so cool to see your pictures. I hear that you're not happy with the ones of you, but I see a beautiful woman glowing with happiness. That's not to be sneezed at. So glad your mom is okay. Love.

  18. "The hippy and the Amish girl." Love it. Joyous pictures.

    You look lovely in purple. It's a color that I feel good in too.

  19. You may not think your pics were flattering but you look SO happy (dancing) and really beautiful. That is more flattering than anything. Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding!

  20. Julie,
    You looked very, very happy. Isn't the ceremony of this rite of passage wonderful? I especially liked the picture of you and your husband awaiting the bride - it was so symbolic, and perhaps even something a little bit unusual in our culture, the idea of welcoming a new daughter into the family. I think many people think of a son's wedding as the son taking a wife, but not always their taking of a daughter.

    She - along with your son - is very lucky to have such inclusive parents-in-law.

    Be easy with yourself. You look exactly as you should look - happy, full of love, nicely-seasoned. And with great legs.

  21. Jules, the pics are really great, and you and Bob both look FABULOUS!

    Looking forward to more pics of the graduation. Flagstaff has to be beautiful this time of year!

  22. You look adorable. I think we all fall short of our expectations for ourselves. Wishing your mother a speedy recovery!

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Congratulations.
    That's a good lookin' crew you've got over there.
    In my Life is my favorite Beatles song...

  25. I love seeing the wedding pictures! Absolutely beautiful. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about BFF Bernie. I didn't even know ...guess haven't been a very good BFF. I hope she's going to be okay. Off to her blog next to send good wishes.

    And hey, I'm just impressed that you even put up this post considering all you have going on. Carry on! See you when you have a breather!

  26. I don't know what eyes you're using when you look at yourself, but they need Lasik surgery. Honey, Kathleen Turner had it right: you/we/us ladies of any age is HAWT. Specifically, you look amazing. Your legs are swoon-worthy, and your arms are killer (hello, definition from working out at the Y?)!

    Congrats on all of this lovely life.

  27. You look gorgeous! Don't sell yourself short!! And I think the purple dress looked amazing on you! What happy memories! So glad you shared these! And I hope your mom recovers soon! So sorry! ~Janine XO

  28. Looks like a wonderful wedding. And about that red photo ... I always wondered why my photos from the 70s turned color! Now I know :o)

  29. I'm very proud of you for surviving the dance moment - and it even looks like you actually remembered to enjoy it! As mentioned before when you were looking for a song - that is the song we used for our Parents dance at our wedding - so I'm glad you ended up with the same - it is such a great song that reaches all generations. Congrats on surviving the wedding!!!


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