Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fall Has Arrived in Central Texas

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert CamusChinese Tallow Tree
The Bald Cypress tree
Chinese Tallow
The mix

Greetings to all. I took these pictures weekend before last. Wished I had better shots as the hillsides are still truly beautiful right now. Don't you love it? Telling, rather than showing.

Saturday brought the best day. Rain, cold, rain. All our plans to cut a tree and set up Christmas inside and out escaped our memory while Bob, Ian, and I lolled about in sweatpants, warms socks, and sweaters. We took naps, watched football. Went to our favorite Mexican restaurant dressed as is. Left all our chores for Sunday - in the rain again. More later on the annual tree cutting trek complete with Texas BBQ. Next post.

Much too much going on to talk about midlife jobhunting.

Busy week here. The Bunco Bitches are due at my house Tuesday night and my book club arrives for Thursday night. Somewhere, way back nine months ago, I figured knocking out both groups in one week had me thinking smart. When it's over, maybe I'll think that again. Maybe I'll just shoot myself.

Meanwhile, the last thing my house looks like at the moment is prepared for the onslaught of 28 women in the next couple days. So glad they're my friends. Not even gonna get to cleaning off that desk of mine in the kitchen. Or my paper pile on my counter. Perhaps I'll shut the door to my bedroom. Just satiate all these women and they won't care what the house looks like. Those Bunco Bitches get Green Chili Chicken Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. (Homemade.) Not sure yet about book club. I think I have a partner in that dinner cooking venture. My list is limes, oatmeal cookies and martini glasses. I always do as I'm told.

Excited about our book discussion on Thursday - Raymond Carver's What We Talk About When We Talk about Love. Enhanced by a new biography about Carver, just out.

The holidays are beginning to overwhelm and I'm determined to remain relaxed. My oldest son walked in the door today and said "Gee, Mom. You need some help?" He spied my multitasking array of projects all in mid stage of completeness. I smiled. I'm fully aware I'm in true organizational challenge when I can't offer up a concise list for helpers. But I know I'll get there. I also know I'll be pouring myself a glass of wine when the first guest shows up.

Sure hope I don't get called in to work tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday.


  1. Fall is always very depressing at first but when the colours started to appear its such a joy. Its a beautiful quote.

  2. I am glad you are an experience "juggler." I love the leaves chaning on cypress.

  3. Getting Bunco and Book Club over in one week isn't a bad idea. December is a tough month, though. Good luck with all the projects. Take your son up on the help. Have fun tonight.

  4. The photographs are beautiful with all the fall colors. Have fun with your lady friends.

  5. You do have a full week, but it sounds like fun...We just had our first bit of winter snow here in Ohio!

  6. It sounds like lots of fun. Two events in one week is a good idea as opposed to weeks apart. Doesn't everyone (the guests) always just stay in one room anyway? I say just clean the bathroom they'll use, put a candle in it, light another candle in kitchen/living area, have lots of wine and that mac & cheese dish sounds great--and you're good to go.

  7. Wish we still had our beautiful fall colors here but all is dead and lifeless. Don't worry about the house,just have some fun. I am slowly learning that there will be houses to clean long after I'm gone. Enjoy your week.

  8. Our fall colors here in northwest Georgia have turned to brown. Oh, and I guess I can't afford those plane tickets to your soiree, nor is my car trip ready, so I guess I can't make it this year. Maybe next! I think it would be a nice gesture to post that recipe, don't you? In honor of the season of giving?

  9. Great pics! Sounds like you're really packing it in. Have fun with the girls!

  10. Seems to me that you know precisely what is really important in life - and that you also know how to relax and go with the flow. What more could anyone ask for.

  11. Are you ambitious, with 28 women coming for lunch! Lovely pictures. Now I know what that tree is called.

  12. As usual you have made me smile describing you and your friends, they sound wonderful.
    Wish I were closer to you, I would give you a helping hand, it's mind boggling with all you have to do but everything will come and go and I know you will have a grand time.
    I so loved the photo's, those trees are beautiful.
    Take care my friend, pour a glass of wine, breathe and enjoy all what the week brings your way.
    ......:-) Hugs

  13. You do sound like you have equilibrium...but stick a straw in that glass of wine, nevertheless.

    Say, toots, I've not gotten an email from you? byronfj AT yahoo.com

  14. I've done that invite everyone at once so you only have to clean house once thing, too. It didn't work for me either. The good thing is that friends really don't care.

    You do know that you can say no when they call for a sub, right? Cough a little if it makes you feel better.

    Enjoy the season. You deserve to.

  15. Good luck for the busy week Joanna...

    I am very uncharacteristically not into the festive season and am thinking of not going there at all. It is too hot to think of cooking and I have been too busy to think of planning and preparations. I am for the first time passing on the Christmas cards too and feel a great sense of relief...emails will do.
    Your trees are lovely. We have frangipani (plumeria to you) in full flower now and the poinciana are covering the roads with their red petals reminding us that christmas is around the corner.

    Happy days

  16. The silly season has begun...

    Hmmm - that chili cheese mac sounds good....

  17. I love the photos, especially the first one.

    Have fun this week and relax and enjoy it. I'm working hard at not stressing out this season too. It's a first for me.

    And yes, let's go to the beach!

  18. Gorgeous photos. You're just getting into fall, and we've just been hit by winter. With a vengeance. Sigh. Best of luck juggling your social "obligations" (they sound like too much fun to be obligatons). Just have fun!

  19. Nice to look at your pictures, as I turn to look out my window at a cold and rainy day. What a difference.

    Hang in there with hosting the two parties. I just hosted book club at my house a week ago. It's amazing how a "planned, simple" gathering can monopolize your whole day. But it was worth it. My turn will not come up for another year, so I can enjoy everybody else's hard work.
    We discussed "The Liar's Club" by Mary Karr. She is currently promoting the continuing story of her life in her new book, "Lit."

  20. Mj...we call that Chinese Tallow a Popcorn Tree here. It is our prettiest fall tree to me! Love our Cypress too!Love the pics!
    I'm trying to play catch up! I've been at it for 4 hours! HA! I missed a lot!

  21. Interesting post. I love that barebarked in your front yard but I don't think you have a picture of that. These were at the lake, right?

    You'll pull all the clubs off. I know you will. And as you say, they won't know the difference after you ply them with libations.

  22. These pics are beautiful! I can't see any leaves under the snow here. Ahhhhh...I am so ready to move to Florida!

  23. The trees are beautiful. I love the change. For me it means more time relazxing. The plants go dormant, and so do I...kind of.

  24. Sounds like a great time at the Mexican Restaurant. Being able to dressed in comfy clothes and the way you are in is really the best at times!

  25. Chinese tallow - I love them and have been wondering what they are. They are the only trees with color in my neigborhood.

    Beautiful shots!


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