Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Introvert's Dream

I get along with myself quite well. 
Julie Sucha Anderson

In this day and age of Shelter-In-Place, I must say that I, the closet introvert, is not having that hard of a time. The virus has made me take notice that I've cut a world out for myself where not having to go anywhere is sort of what I prefer to do.

I'm not a total recluse. I do like people. I'm in lots of groups. Book Club (18 years), Bunco Bitches (29 years), writing groups, creative circles. I love worldwide travel and studying new cultures, museums, and talking with the local people--whether we speak the same language or not. I'm a foodie, so eating in restaurants that have tasty and delightful dishes works for me.

However, I do get weary if I'm out and about for too long. Back in normal times, once a month I had what I called my Social Week. Bunco, Book Club, and writing group all met during the same week. Dinner out or in with friends and family, too, most often.

It's all fun but when the week is over, I breathe a sigh of relief and return to my quiet world.

As to those who might say I'm not an introvert? Those who call me the Camp Director? Well, I am a great hostess. Hundreds of people have stayed in my home. I've never been one to shy away from hosting a shower, a party, or out of town guests.

But there is introvert heaven in that, too. For if you're in your own home, you can always hide in your bedroom. Or leave the scene to get something, anything ready. Feign sleep while in your hammock.  Introverts learn how to do these things. For me, it's often much easier being the hostess rather than a guest.

Enter Coronavirus 19. Enter Zoom. Oh. My. God.

If someone had told me years ago you could attend meetings from home, sitting in your favorite blue chair, via Zoom? Host Bunco, book club, happy hours or join your writing group, even a Yoga class, via Zoom? See your entire family or extended families all at once without airport pickups or having to change sheets, via Zoom?

Talk about a revelation. I can invite people into my home and not have to clean it first -- or wash my face. Or put on makeup. Or pluck my chin hairs. I can wear yesterday's clothes. No cooking or cleanup afterward.

 Zoom? Where the hell have you been all my life?

I can now go to Happy Hour and not worry about driving home.

I can still bring people together and joy of all joys, if someone is monopolizing the conversation and not understanding they have to wait their turn to talk, I can mute them. Ha!

Having everyone before you on your computer screen, you can see their reactions to someone's tale. So fun to study them and see your friends and family laugh or frown as they chat.

Bunco Bitches (missing a couple -- late to the photo taking)
Some of the Book Club (again, too late to get all 15)
I must say it isn't only Zoom that suits my life during this troubling time. Take Curbside pickup at the grocery store. I order online,  pull into a parking spot, and someone puts it in my car. Wonder of wonders.

I check out my library books on my Overdrive App and load them on my Kindle or receive it in audio form.

Perhaps I fit into this world so well because I've dabbled in this direction for years. I'd rather write letters than talk on the phone. I'd rather argue in a letter, than in person. I'm a big fan of catalogs and online shopping. If I have to enter clothing stores, it's a surgical strike. I know what I want and get in, and out. I have better things to do than meander for hours in a store. Just ask my friends. I'll always meet for lunch, but don't call me to shop. (Unless it's a book store or garden center.)

Right now, I'm more than ready to travel somewhere. But, this isolation thing isn't bugging me too much. My husband retiring a couple years ago helped with having to see him every day -- all day long. We've actually managed our time together quite well. He goes for long walks. I hide in my hammock.

Other than him, that love of my life, I don't see anyone. Except for these guys. They get exemption from Zoom. After an initial several weeks of quarantine, to insure everyone's safety, we've helped care for them while their parents try to work from home without day care.

A three-year-old -- sits still longer.
The older grandchild we get to see more often and treasure the time. The younger lives further away so the time together is beyond precious. Wears our old butts out, but it's also become a new weight loss program. Chase a 14-month-old for seven days and see what your scale says.

As the world begins to open up, I know I'll have to rejoin it -- at some point. Meantime, I'll share the world outside my window. I'm humbled with gratitude to have it.

As well as my new virtual world.

Zoom -- The Introvert's Dream.

Stay safe everyone. 


  1. Your world looks wonderful! You stay safe, too.

    1. Thank you, Joanne. So good to read your posts. Glad you are doing well.

  2. OMG! I could have written this post! I've been described as a Gregarious Introvert - I think you may be one, too! I do love to socialize, but it wears me out, too. I need lots of solitude to recharge my batteries. GOOD to know that there are others out there like me, it helps me feel normal, which is tough, even before Covid 19! THANK YOU for this post! Karla in Illinois

    1. Back at you. And it is good to know I have a handle -- gregarious introvert. And that I have cohorts in this life. I actually think we are quite lucky -- can enjoy both worlds. Thank, thank you -- for your comment.

  3. Love this Julie!
    Ditto what Karla said!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Leah! Another one in the club. I've seen you're busy up there at your sewing machine. Thank you for responding. Hope to see you, someday soon.

  4. Count me as one of your reader fans. I'll have what she's having.

  5. It seems as if you're doing okay during these challenging times. It's good to hear from you.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! This is me, especially the phone calls. Do people really talk on the phone anymore? Well, I did have a wonderful, long chat with my daughter yesterday, but other than that, no thanks! :) If we're going to shelter-in-place, aren't we lucky to live in such beautiful areas?

    1. Yes, we are. And to have all the books we're reading. So love reading your reviews on Goodreads. Glad we've become friends both places.

  7. 100% agree with your view of quarantine. I was actually pretty surprised at how little my life changed! Aside from moving to teach online, well, and volunteering at church, I didn't miss anything. I'd like to travel again, but that's about the only bit I miss.
    Now, that grandbaby--WHAT A CUTIE! And you're absolutely right about how they make the best fitness trainers as toddlers. Have you counted your steps?

    1. I have a FitBit, so it helps me count, although I wish it had a counter for how many times you get up from the floor. And, yes, I'm ready to travel also. Forget the stores and restaurants -- I just want to see something new! Hope all is well in Wisconsin.

  8. You have the right attitude about quarantine. Cute grandkids too. Hope you all stay well!

  9. I'm completely with you here. I don't like shops, am happy with my own company and all the other stuff you talked about. Love this .
    Thanks for your lovely post. The humourous, homely way you write is quite endearing.



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