Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update on the Midlife Jobhunter

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?  
Satchel Paige

Time once again to add a year to the number in my blog header. Fifty-five no longer suffices, unless I lie. I'm not a very good liar. In fact, when I try to lie, my forehead tends to become a flashing neon

 She's Lying!

Here I am at my birthday a few weeks ago.

All my life, not being a good liar has hindered my growth.  Means I step on my foot, a lot, when someone asks my opinion. Even the fiction I write comes from life and not much made up. Perhaps why Science Fiction and Fantasy aren't my genres and personal essay is much easier for me.

I am now 56.  This getting older has hit me. Perhaps because this birthday my mom and dad weren't around to remind me I'm someone's child. My husband is after me to plan for retirement and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

But Midlife Jobhunter? What was I thinking four years ago when I began this venue? I was 52. I honestly considered myself mid-life.  I'm not certain I'll make it to 104. And now, 112?

Do I change the title of my blog? I've considered a few.

Back When I Was Skinny
What's Ahead?
Where Did the Time Go?
How Can I Be 56? (Which of course will change every year.)
The Reluctant Matriarch
The Old Bitch
The Flower's Dropping her Petals
Somebody Pluck her Chin Hairs
Autumn Strikes
The Invisible Woman
The Youthful Elder

You may have noticed, I've also been fiddling with the blog's design. Not a great amount of time invested there as I'm not certain what I'm seeking. As usual.

I'm not up for beginning an entirely new blog and leaving this one behind. In the blog world, Midlife Jobhunter is who I am. Perhaps clinging to the word midlife brings me comfort.  (I must admit that it took me about five minutes to come up with that name when I began, but that's what I believed I was.)

From its early beginning of a woman in a panic, frightened of the world ahead, I must say I'm quite surprised at where Midlife Jobhunter is now. As well as where she isn't. My husband's company came around and the fear of its demise passed. I've managed to make a little money by utilizing some of my old skills - teaching, reading, and editing. I make about a dollar two ninety-eight an hour doing each. Not quite a lucrative career.

I had the crappiest job of my life - scoring state required test essays. Been chewed up and spit out by middle and high school students while substitute teaching--although discovered I carry quite a big stick so students need to pack a lunch if they want to take me on. (Raising three boys had something to do with that.) I can be any kind of editor someone wants me to be, yet still have trouble editing my own work.

I'm still the happiest when sitting on my bed, surrounded by my research and thoughts, my backyard my view if I should look up while plunking away on my laptop. Creating.

As for the followers I've met on this wandering? You are incredible people. Real people. Smart people. Creative people. Most interesting to have followed your paths as you followed mine. As my blog segued beyond jobhunting into everything from weddings, funerals, hangovers, travels, writing and reading, bird watching, and who knows where else, I have enjoyed following your journeys. Sharing your intimacies, your fears, your joys, your lives.

So, what is this about? Hell if I know. It's almost the end of August and I need another post so I'll have two this month.

Honestly, though. Have any of you considered changing the name of your blog? Did you worry about your followers finding you? I don't plan on giving up blogging, but does a 56 year old woman still have credibility as a Midlife Jobhunter? Does it matter?


  1. In the words of my 87 year old mom,
    "The 19 year old me is still in there. So is the 29 year old and 49 year old. Just my face has changed. But all those years are still in me."

    So, yes, I say keep it. Midlife jobhunter is always in you.

  2. Ha, ha, of course 56 doesn't make a difference. Maybe you can be 56 for the rest of your life or just change the description of your blog rather than the title and then never consider the age question again. I'm 70 and can barely say the word "elderly". I feel as if I'm 35 so mid-life person works just fine for me, too.

  3. Don't worry about "midlife"--we're all in the midst of life until we're not. "Jobhunter" does signal a person in transition, and I remember wondering how to reconcile that with who and what you seem to be. I suppose you could be "Midlife Blogwriter" or something like that, but don't change it unless you have a reason, e.g., you have something different you want to say.

  4. You can always keep the name Midlife Jobhunter, just type underneath in small print (in my mind) That would work even when you're 96, Julie. Being 67, I'll get there before you though. ☺

  5. I like Wanda's idea although changing your blog will work. Others have done it, just leave the link to the new blog on the last post on your old blog. It probably feels like a new haircut doesn't it. You have made some big transitions in the past, looking forward to the new you.

  6. I agree with Bernadette! Or rather her mother. You go girl! 87!

  7. First off, Happy Birthday! I enjoyed this post and I'm glad some things have changed and improved for you. My earlier impressions of your blog were that you were struggling, but not about to lay down and give up. Throwing yourself at each day, determined to find a way. It seems you found a multitude of ways and came to appreciate your own assets along the way.
    New blog name "Getting it done, 'cos there's no plan B"
    I take my hat off to you, Madam.

  8. Whatever you decide, I'll be along for the ride. If you don't like "jobhunter" how about Midlife Road Tripper (this from your own subtitle)? Because you'll be in mid-life as long as you damn well want. Right? And you're just hittin' your stride...
    Just sayin'.

  9. Happy Birthday, you young puppy. I'm glad you're not leaving blogging behind you. I'm a year older than you and I'm thinking that I haven't reached middle age yet! Not really, but in keeping with your opening quote, 56 is much younger than it used to be. By all rights, you're still a youth. Have a great birthday, MJ!

  10. Think of midlife as midstream. You're midstream in life and always will be until, er ... you know, you cross to the other side. A really, REALLY long time from now.

    Really, keeping your original blog name, that point you started from, will always represent your growth process and its timeline. Looking back on it many years from now, I think you'll be glad that the name you chose was the trail head of the of your journey and that it led your to unexpected places. That's what life does.

    Happy belated birthday, fellow Leo. Sorry that it got past me this year.

  11. ... and I think I need an editor for my blog comments, btw. Sorry about the lack of proofreading!

  12. Stay with the same name..I like it!..we never do the math anyway!..

  13. I'm with Wanda. Her suggestion makes sense and seems to still fit, although your own ideas about a new name gave me some chuckles. Gems in that group. :-)

    Hope to catch up soon. Lots to tell. Lots to hear about, I'm sure.

    And how did I miss your birthday, and why haven't you busted my ass about it? You getting soft in your old age, or what?

  14. I quite like DS's idea with the "road tripper" piece. Then again, I don't know how much it matters. No matter the title, you are what you are, and we come here to "see" you.

    The reflective tone of this post is quite lovely, as is the image of you sitting in your bed, surrounded by your thinking and writing. Keep at 'em.

  15. Happy birthday!

    I'm of the opinion that you only create a whole new blog if you want to separate the whole identity from this one. But it seems like you just want your current blog to grow with you. I think you can change the blog name without abandoning your current blog. The url for my blog is my nickname, but my blog name is longer.

  16. Bon anniversaire, Julie! Straight answer to your last question - it doesn't matter. Some of us view our blogs like an outfit, and if it gets a bit dated we want to give it away. I don't thnk that way, and tend to agree with Jocelyn that a new blog is for either a radically different approach or even to show a different side of yourself.
    Go ahead and change the name - that might give your wardrobe the update it needs - and don't worry about anybody having to look for you.
    This post suggests to me that you're a very loyal person, that you don't easily or comfortably turn things upside down. On the other hand, I feel a kinship with you about being transparent and preferring the personal essay to fiction. You're an introspective, and there's a lot of material to use from your own experiences. Look at ageing this way: the older you get, the more you'll have to write about.

  17. What matters is how poignantly funny you continue to be - how reading your words makes me both laugh and feel softly sad.

    I think you can make a case for midlife however old you are. It might be midlife of old age, but still midlife.

    And as for the jobhunter part - as a writer, you're always searching for the next story. That's close enough for me.

    I'm just grateful for the virtual friendship we have. I'd miss you a lot if you were gone.

  18. Naw, it doesn't matter. I am Life In The Second Half despite being way past the second half - unless I plan on living to 116. Someone pointed that out to me once, lol. We have all been through some times over the last few years and I am grateful you are still here. There is comfort in that you will continue to be not only interesting, but very REAL.

  19. I'm 61 years and 9 minutes old. My blog is called Older Tho No Wiser and I started it about the time I was your age- I certainly though about it since I was 56! We age but in our hearts the dreams they are still the same . .
    I'm not nearly as elequent as you and I admire your ease. I have the questions but I can't put them to the page like you do.
    Personally I don't think you should start a new blog unless you are prepared to part with the past a rejig of the name is ok in my mind but please don't desert all that you have created and allow it to wither.

  20. How about MIDLIFE SEEKER? Whatever you choose, or if you keep your blog title the same, I'm sure your posts will always be fresh and honest.

    Happy birthday! (Mine's in two days -- bleh. And today's my neglected blog's fourth birthday.) :D


  21. I'm happy I discovered your blog - and love the name. It can be a metaphor for our endless search for what we do with the rest of our lives, no? I have a birthday coming up and am the older I get, the more tempted I am to lie about my age...but so far, I still stay honest :)

  22. A bit of self-deprecating humor in those blog names you're considering, I see. I don't know, Julie...

    Stay with what you have until you are sure that you need a change.

    I wonder about my blog title, too, sometimes. Maybe it should be "Beyond Motherhood" or something.

    To our current readers, it probably doesn't matter what the title is. I suppose new readers find us via a comment we've left somewhere or a Google search on a particular subject; the title probably doesn't matter much in these cases either. So I guess we just use what we want to.

    I'm finished rambling.

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  23. I laughed so hard reading some of those titles! Honestly though, isn't some of the fun in the figuring out what it is you want to do next? Trying on different hats...glad to see you haven't lost one scrap of your great sense of humor. Thanks for the smile :D

  24. I have a dear friend your age born in 1956 and will be on nov. 56 2012 I hhave never heard her mention her birthday age ever, she acts way more mature than anyperson I have ever met. Young mother, young grandmother, but to me just plain young and smart and neat..She has a sense of humor most comedians would kill to have we laugh until I almost wet my pants, i am 8 years older and find her more interesting and kind and loving than any my age save one friend from kindergarten and my husband who will turn 65 the end of Rocktober as I call it, he got a drivers license in Colorado they put the wrong date on it let him keep it and he has it in his wallet it states he is 7 years younger than me..oh, well not too much one can do about age, either enjoy it or consider the alternative, lost two friends last summer I knew from the time I was 5 years old, nearly did me in! I lost two cats this summer one week apart, nursed them when they were wee ones, It made me so sick I actually had to see someone about it could not sleep, could not eat I am a type 2 diabetic not good to not eat..Life has it's ups and downs, please choose to be up, the other way you will be searing your soul..I know I got so sick when my two little ones passed the rainbow bridge, it made my hubby of nearly 40 years get really we just got ourselves together, kept busy, went on a big trip for 14 days, I came back and I choose to enjoy whatever time I have left on this terrestrial being 64 it can be anyday anytime. One only had today, tomorrow is never given, and ain't a damn thing a person can do about the past but leave it in the past.Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Well I am a 57 year old man and as I reported on my own blog recently a young neighbor described the age of 57 as "Nearly Dead" But "The nearly dead jobseeker" persona would not attract many interviews, I feel

  26. And I do admire your "adventure" attitude discussed top right of the sidebar. It's an attitude I may be needing a bit more of myself soon. It was an attitude that kept me going when I was younger, but I am wondering if it is still in there. Must be rattling around there somewhere :)


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