Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Tipoff in the Hill Country

While the spirit of neighborliness was important on the frontier because neighbors were so few, it is even more important now because our neighbors are so many.
Lady Bird Johnson

I'm finishing up my Nanowrimo, such as it is, and will report later this week. I thank you for your comments on my last post and will respond to each of you as soon as possible. Life, life, life. Gets in the way of my blogging.

Just a note, take a gander at the Dr. Phil TV show on Tuesday, December 1. My friend, Jen will be featured along with her book on mothers and stepmothers working together, No One's the Bitch. If you are in that situation, you may find this helpful.

Another friend, Bernadette Noll, had a mention in Time magazine this past week on her project Slow Living. You can check out her blog on raising young families here.

Meantime, please welcome the holiday season through some photos from the Texas Hill Country this past Saturday night. Johnson City, childhood home of Lyndon B, pop. @1200, had a celebration in the town square. Courthouse all lit up. Food vendor alley - one of those where you wander around and try to decide where you want to fill up. Could be beef fajitas from the Masons, baked potatoes from the 4H Club, baked goods from the Women's Library Auxiliary, turkey legs from the high school band, hamburgers from the Lions. The longest line? Funnel cakes smothered in powered sugar. "Like going to heaven," my almost daughter-in-law's little cousin declared.

At dark, all gathered on the streets surrounding the city square for the parade. Santa hitched a ride on the last fire truck. The parade announcer invited all to join Santa in City Park, right behind the jailhouse. Americana at its best. Perfect ingredient to tip off the Christmas season.

My choice of food? Fajitas and cotton candy. Pictures aren't the best, but so it goes. Enjoy!

The Sunrise Beach LawnChair Band

The Electric Company

The Court House
Even the trucks had lights.
All the homes and businesses around the square shone.



  1. I love it when a town gathers around us to welcome a season! It is among my favorite kinds of things to happen.

  2. What a great way to start the holiday season. I'll look forward to trying to catch Dr. Phil and the blog on Slow Living. Love the title.Thanks.

    Hope your holidays are off to a great start.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun.

    I peetered out on the nano...or should I say slowed down. But I did start me some habits of balancing blogging with writing.

  4. What a great parade and lights! I've been so disappointed in our little town - and Chattanooga for that matter - these last few years - every parade is slim on the occasion and heavy on the politicing, advertising, and church recruiting. More adults waving than kids celebrating. Doesn't look like this town has that problem!

    Dr. Phil is going to see a ratings boost this week and wonder why!!! Also, a reminder that Monday night (today) ABC is starting their series 'Find My Family'.

  5. I love these small town events. This one looks like it was a ton of fun. Not a bad start to your own Holiday Attitude Adjustment. Maybe? ;)

  6. Wow, that looks like great fun.

    The Mrs.' little hometown in the NE has a great Friday evening after Thanksgiving tradition--they have lots of fanfare and food and light a big Christmas tree in the town square. This year's event feature wet blowing snow, just to set the mood I am sure.

  7. Looking forward to hearing about the book and thanks for the HolyDay photos.

  8. I do love a carnival - it brings everyone together in the nicest possible way.

  9. You live in a special place...I love the trees especially all lit up for the season.
    I never miss Dr. Phil so will enjoy watching knowing his guest is her friend......:-) Hugs

  10. Looks like great fun. I love the red tree. It almost looks like it's on fire.

  11. Sounds a little like Green Lake's Fourth of July. Looks like fun and I know you did enjoy it. Good for you.

  12. And that's why MN can never stand up to TX when it comes to public event food: we NEVER have beef fajitas as an option. Lefsa at best.

  13. Great parade! It's nice to see people coming together for special occasions. Alas, I have no television. I already waste too much time on the internet, if I had a tv, I'd be completely useless!

  14. What a great way to start the holiday season! Cotton Candy? Was is fresh out of the spinner? On a cone? Was it as good as you wanted it to be?

    So cool about your friends.

  15. Where to start?

    You have everything ready for next November - you're surrounded by writers, so you know every little bit moves you forward and that it's a process.

    And although I missed the Dr. Phil show, I lurk on WriterGrrls, so I've been appreciating everyone's support and success.

    And, the lights...this is the time of year I love the Hill Country and Austin. I saw my first set of lights the day after Halloween!


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