Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What to Do, What to Do...

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.  
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As many of you know, we've had a drought in Texas this year. Lately - a few intermittent days of rain. This past weekend, cold and rain dominated the forecast. I relished its arrival.

How does one spend a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon during Christmas season? Hmmmm.

Stay in bed. Surround yourself with hundreds of catalogs (that have your postman hating your guts), a laptop, and a credit card. Start and complete all Christmas shopping while tucked in the warmth of a comforter.
Get the bread machine going while getting out of bed to make a new cup of tea.
Keep it going, all day long. The scent of a sweet bread filling the house. Oh, yeah. Switch from tea to wine and get your journal out.
Relish the beauty of the loaves before wrapping them to give to your friends. 
Set up the tree.

Go downstairs and watch the Green Bay Packers.
 Prrrrfect day.


  1. It's been raining here in NY for the last cpl of days as well, so I'm following your advice -- laptop, tea, bread, online Christmas shopping. Everything but the Christmas catalogs. I hate those things; practically break my back every week taking them all out to recycling (but in fact, catalogs are what keep the post office in business).

  2. Sounds like a very well organized day...I now need a nap. Pass the jam and butter please.

  3. Sounds perfect except for the sports. I'd opt for an extra glass of wine, instead. ;)

  4. omg that bread looks devine! WOW! *wants some now*

    What a perfectly wonderful day *smiling*

  5. The sights and smells are nice. Our rain made it into snow.

  6. As you say, a delightful way to spend a day! I could happily tuck into your delicious bread right now!

  7. What a perfect way to spend a rainy day and that bread looks scrumptious, as well as gorgeous! Cheers!

  8. You did all that in a day? And you actually made those lovely loaves of bread? Could I be one of your friends?

  9. That is definitely a perfect day!
    I have been snowed I am have snuggled and shopping myself!! Ha!
    And those loaves look fabulous...did you need my address??

  10. Absolutely love the idea of doing all your Christmas shopping from bed. The loaves look gorgeous - were I a recipient of one , I couldn't be more pleased. The entire thing would be scoffed in one sitting. No butter, nothing.
    Merry Christmas to you, Julie. Nice to see a sign of you now and then.

  11. Julie- Nothing quite like bread baking to warm the soul. So glad to see that you've been writing, having broken away from the frozen glacier.
    Sending you warm hugs this holiday season. Enjoy the cyber shopping (so much more pleasant than fighting the lines!) and all that glistens this season. Peace to you and your family. :)

  12. You did all your shopping under covers? Lucky you. We're still pondering what to get for whom.
    On another note, we're now in a drought too, since we haven't seen much rain yet. We're not complaining; just passing on the fact that Mother Nature is a bit disoriented this year.
    Thanks for the visit,btw.

  13. Just looking at the pictures has made me happy :-)

  14. Sounds like a productive rainy day to me. Big hugs.....:-)

  15. A whole free day!

    When I'm an empty nester, will I appreciate having a day as you've just described? Not that I'm rushing my 3 little darlings out. :)

    The grass is always greener...

    Glad you had such a peaceful and relaxed day.

  16. I love it sometimes) when rain forces just staying in and taking it easy.

  17. Well, now I am definitely coming by to pick up my bread!

  18. Very nice post. Glad you are gettig rain finally. Wow, that looks like nice Swedish bread. Better than mine I have not started yet. You said a bread machine will do it? How? I have to make 4 tea rings with the same dough for two Swedish events next week. Any ideas?


  19. I end up spending my cold wet rainy days reading blogs about other people's cold wet rainy days. (That bread sure looks good, though.)

  20. You are my under-the-comforter online shopping hero! I also savored the moment when you switched from tea to wine, having never left the house. What. a. great. day.

  21. I was with you up until the football game; then ya lost me. -smile-
    Merry Christmas from Thistle Cove Farm.

  22. I can smell that bread from here! Yum.

  23. I am so glad to see you up and about...I am just starting to come out from my "fog" but just nothing seems that important. Like I told my husband "i'm not depressed...i'm just so sad" give me hope...Merry Christmas xoxo

  24. To shop and never leave the house. To bake such perfect bread. Perfect day, indeed.


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