Friday, September 9, 2011

Stations of Recreation

Pleasure is the bait of sin.

Around the second week of August, before Ian, aka Bama Boy, went back to school, we had some wind out at the lake accompanied by a faux rainstorm. My husband, Bama Boy, and I all sat in the living room looking out the window, thinking if it weren't so hot, 104 degrees, we might go swimming. Ian then noticed something large, that wasn't a boat, floating across the lake. We traded the binoculars to see that coming our direction was a renegade party barge. A Recreation Station.

Perfect. We were pumped. It was my birthday weekend. Oldest son Jacob and wife, Chelsea, were headed out to the lake for a special dinner. What could add to the weekend more than a place to sit, chat, slip off and swim, and float while celebrating?

The barge was due to land a few houses down at the point, so being the neighborly folks we are, Ian drove his truck down there and pulled it from the water as it hit shore.

Bob and Ian pondered their find.

Certainly they could stick it in the garage, clean it up, and next year put it out in front of our place like it was ours.

Or, we could anchor it out by our dock so that its true owners could find it while they swept the lake in search of their detached property.

Decided that was the more neighborly of the two choices. But we figured as long as it was anchored at our place, we could use it. Right? Make sure it stayed in working order?

Just as Bob and Ian hauled it out to the end of the dock and put together an anchor to secure it, a jet ski came up along the shore. The three of us swore, to ourselves, for surely these were the owners. Of course they were.

They pointed out where they lived down and across the lake and said we could come use the float anytime we wanted. We wondered if drinks and dinner were included, but we only nodded and retreated to the house, watching our Recreation Station bob along the waves back to its home. Our eyes teared up.

This past Sunday, the wind arrived at the lake. Big wind from Tropical Storm Lee. We had guests for the weekend and that night we spent our time on the dock, enjoying the cooler temperatures (92) offering relief from over 80 days of 100+ temperatures. White-capped waves crashed at the shore and the wind blew with wild abandon. One friend played the guitar and the rest of us sang along or drank our wine and talked. Over the wind, I heard my husband call out.

"Julie, look at this."

Lo and behold, guess what floated across the waves, directly to our dock. Recreation Station. You betcha - karma. We captured the beast and anchored it to the end of the dock, the wind tearing at the ropes. Secured. We glanced across the lake to the house where it lived. No lights. No one home. Cool.

Had to text Bama Boy to let him know our past effort wasn't in vain. That the party barge had returned to those who appreciated it. Fate now tied to our very own dock.

Through the night and all the next day the station rolled with the waves from the strong winds. When I woke up Tuesday morning, I found this scene. The winds gone and the Recreation Station still awaiting its owners to retrieve it.

Bunco Bitches are due here next weekend. Cross your fingers.


  1. How appropriate! Just in time to celebrate your birthday too!! Ha!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. How lovely to live on the edge of a lake. We have ridden on various lakes in the US and in Canada and the houses round seem to be in such a super position. Enjoy your ride on that boat thing - have never seen anything like it before.

  3. Your dock must be it's favorite get-away from home spot, Julie. Your place looks so inviting and spiffy!

  4. That recreation station knew--it just knew! I hope you have a great weekend anmd get to take care of the traveling fun-barge all weekend!

  5. That's just too funny! And here's hoping the recreation thingie sticks around not just for your bunco bitches, but forever! If not, maybe you should invest in one of your own. I can only imagine how much fun it must be to float around with friends and drinks, kind of like a hot tub on wheels!

  6. That's perfect! Your dock is really really nice. I hope the bunco night is fun.

  7. Hee hee, great story!!! Loved every word and hope the Bunco Bitches enjoyed the Station...

  8. I had a neighbors dog like the barge and never got much gratitude when they retrieved it.

  9. Hopefully they won't retrieve it for MONTHS!

  10. I think it wants you to be its new owners. Like a kitten that keeps coming over to the more fun house.

  11. So funny! Hope the Recreation Station sticks around for some Bunco fun!

  12. I think that thing is doomed, now that the Bunco Bitches are gonna be on it! :-))

  13. Clearly the recreation station has a mind of it's own and wants to live with YOU. I would heed it's desires.

  14. That RC knows where all the fun is. ;)

  15. Clearly that recreation station wants to be yours. Will you be getting your own next year (assuming the owners of this one are persistent in their ownership)? Happy Birthday, a bit late.


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