Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hip Hop

After two days in the hospital, I took a turn for the nurse.
W.C. Fields

I intended a post of summer reading choices. Slight delay. Spending my days at the local hospital - my husband had his hip replaced.

Thought I might get my house cleaned while he's in the hospital's care. Read a few books. Write a novel. Not happening. Seems these days patients need someone other than hospital staff to make certain they have what they need. (Nurses - forgive me. Obvious you are short staffed. Administrators?)

Meanwhile, remember the guy who doesn't sit well on vacation?

Any ideas on what to do with him for the next three weeks?


  1. Oral Sex was my solution when my husband was incapacitated in a hospital bed :)

  2. Read to him. ;) It's not like he can get away from it any better than you could from his adventures. Revenge is sweet.

    Seriously, I hope he heals quickly. :)

  3. I do hope he learns to be a good patient...since 'patience' seems to be the lesson he's needing to learn through this. I empathise fully as my husband is the same...he cannot sit still for a moment! Good luck!

  4. Oh dear!! Men are notoriously poor patients! They always need extra care. I hope he recovers quickly and well!!
    And good luck to you who is his main caregiver!

  5. I couldn't do better than ER.

    Doing crosswords together probably doesn't have the samme appeal.

  6. How about giving HIM the assignment to make up a summer reading list?

  7. I totally agree with the "Read to him" suggestion! I hope that the surgery went well...

  8. No ideas at all - just hope it never happens to me!

  9. He'll probably be up and running quicker than anticipated. Comic books--lot's of adventure in those. ;)

  10. Ooh, that could be a problem. TV, laptop, video games? He's going to be restless no matter what, though.

  11. Hi Julie
    I had my hip done in Feb 2010 and I am pleased to say it is a total success. But it is a big operation and does take time to convaless - so be kind and gentle with him LOL. Spoil him LOL and unfortunately no sex for 6 weeks otherwise he might dislocate his hip (but I think English Rider is taking things a little far LOL).
    Seriously if hubby wants to email me I would be happy to help in any way I can.
    I have done a few funny posts about my hospital and convalscence:


    is the first one.

    Oh I hope to revive the Sunday Roast soon - any progress? LOL

    Here's the email:


    Best wishes to you and the patient. Tell him to be patient and obey the three cardinal rules until his hip muscle/capsule strengthens. It is quite a long haul back but he will get there - don't expect too much too soon re walking again without sticks. I threw mine away after 6 months and lowered the chairs about the same time. Sleeping on back is essential for a while but heels get a bit tired so have to get up a few times at night.
    Came over from that lovely Cajun gal, Marguerite.

    Bye for now

  12. That's tough. Men typically make terrible patients.

  13. All kidding aside, he needs to take it very easy, and he will be very busy with the physical therapy required for him to heal properly. I work for an Orthopedic Surgeon, so I know the drill. And you cher, will have your hands full! Read Eddie's posts and best of luck to both of you!

  14. Ask the doctor for plenty of meds for him ; -)

    Reading - I just finished Half-Broke Horses and before that The Probable Future. Loved them both.

  15. Bless your heart (and his)...

    You've got to make him do what the surgeon ordered. Men are so baaaad!

    Hook him up with an iPod and some good books. Feed him wonderful snacks and chocolate until he is comotose.


  16. I'm happy you weren't offended. Now I see that you are following at my blog. Welcome. I can feel a post coming on. Dare I?

  17. Oh, I don't envy you!!!

    Hilary is hilarious...read to him...he can't run away! And oral sex? You'll be fine!

  18. Well...the oral sex thing made me think a bit....lol...I suggest Valium for either him or you or both if it gets really bad. ps...you are so right about needing to be at the hospital with someone...we were always with my dad but the poor guy next to him had no one and believe I would get so mad...the nurses would bring the food in and nobody cared whether the guy or not...he couldn't do it himself...

  19. Another thought! LOL Put Bromide in his tea for six weeks!! LOL

  20. What tremendous posts, great stuff, totally jealous.

  21. I hope the recovery is going well. In my experience, men are not good patients, no matter what. Mine watches movies when he's post-surgery. Isn't yours going to be pretty busy with all the physical therapy required with a new hip? Maybe he'll be so tired after that, he'll sleep a lot. :-)

    Be sure to take care of yourself during this time.

  22. The comments are funny!

    I wanted to say, "Better You than Me" but that isn't nice, is it?

    All I can think of is, I can't handle a physical problem with my husband right now. Are you listening God? :)

    Seriously, best wishes to him for a full recovery, and may you be blessed with patience and kindness.


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