Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flying Studs

It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self.
Agnes Repplie

For the past week, I've been in hibernation at the cabin. Lying dormant, holed up, withdrawn, retreating. Cocooning in my hammock.

School's out. No teaching to be had. A brief respite before the last two giant activities of the spring - freshman disorientation at my youngest's university and an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. I'm living the life of a vacationer with a few putterings along the way. Hiding in my hammock with five library books and a beer. Occasionally rising to put in another load of laundry or wash up dishes. Sweep the floor. Water a plant. Grab another drink or a handful of strawberries before retreating back to my cloistered abode.

How lucky I feel. But the week hasn't passed without excitement. Our Internet has been sporadic at best, so much easier to read without the distraction of the computer. I had thought it might be a week to catch up with everyone, but, alas, my emails either take forever to send or don't go at all. Library books prevailed.

Perfect Summer Reading for a someone who hasn't had a brain that might concentrate on words on the page for many, many months. Here's my accomplished list for the week.

Jane Green - To Have and to Hold
The condition - Jennifer Haigh
The Story Sisters - Alice Hoffman
The Cottagers - Marshall N. Klimasewiski
Songs Without Words - Ann Packer

My youngest son joined me most of the week. We ate frozen pizzas and he made spaghetti one night. Green chili macaroni and cheese another. Middle son came home on his day off from his new job 3 hours away. And one morning, my oldest, now married son showed as well. He's working out this way two days a week. Came by to use the bathroom and invite me to lunch. How fun was that - lunch at the Bluebonnet Cafe with all three of my sons. Can't tell you when the last time that happened.

But, life does have it exigencies as well. Wednesday night I sat reading on the front porch as a cold front blew in. The wind changed direction and gathered speed. My hanging plants rocked back and forth, then began to swirl. The sky filled with ominous shades of blue and those marshmallow-like clouds you imagine reaching up and plucking.

I gathered the chairs and took them inside, the wind gaining in force with each re-entry to the porch. I picked up the hanging plants and as I came around to the breezeway of the porch, the wind's power almost knocked me over. I recalled Auntie Em, hand on forehead, screaming for Dorothy.

Safe in my big blue reading chair looking out over the lake, my chair began to shake. The entire cabin shook. Then, flying at my window was the roof of the neighbor's dock. Smashed into the railing on our porch. Rattled the crap out of me.

The rain arrived, and the thunder, and my son and I watched the remainder of the neighbors roof flap in the storm, wondering if that, too, might join our yard. As the storm subsided, the neighbor rushed over. We viewed the damage, thankful no one was hurt.

Yes, that is a two by four slammed into the wood. The wind, an unforgiving force at times.
The missing roof section.

The storm passed and this most beautiful sunset took its place.

Had to leave the stud in the wall for a few days - at least until my husband, my stud, arrived to see it. And all the neighbors who came down for the weekend had a chance for a view. Always something to fix at the lake.

Now, two New Yorkers left to catch up on and then I'm back to my bookclub selection of the month - The Speckled Monster - A Historical Tale of Battling Smallpox. Fun summer reading. (Searching my shelf for smut.)

Tomorrow, back to reality and all those piles of paperwork requiring my attention. I stuffed them all out of sight before the graduation party. I wonder where?


  1. Wow - that piece of wood lodged in the wall kind of says it all! I'm glad no one was hurt! I can't believe you read all those books...though it does go to show what we don't do when we're on the computer, doesn't it? I'm sure you and the boys had a lot to talk about with all of the activities around there lately, and I know you enjoyed each precious moment!

  2. You should always head inside during the windy weather...esp. on the water. You never know what can come crashing your direction. Yesterday as I was driving on the county road about 45 MPH the truck ahead threw an aluminum ladder my way. My good driving and my good luck saved the day!

  3. Oh, love a good storm, but some of them are scary as hell-- erk! We get some wild mountain storms, too.

    I'm always looking for a good book - I'll have to check out what you are reading. Of course, I have a bookshelf full, as well!

  4. Wow.. I'm so glad nobody was hurt and that the two by four did not find its way through your window.. or your person for that matter.

    It's nice when sons decide to treat their mother, isn't it? Lunch out.. cooked meals. Life is good.

  5. Oooh, that storm's a little too much excitement. The relaxing and reading sound wonderful, along with spending time with your sons. What a nice treat!

  6. I'm heading out soon after school closes. The image of what you've been doing makes me want to forgo the usual putt putt and other touristy things. Might just sit on the porch and read, too.
    Glad you got through the storm.
    Glad you got to hang out with your sons.
    Glad you got to RELAX! :)

  7. That is an excellent sunset. And I am very impressed with 5 books in one week.

  8. I think you had a wonderful week, having the boys together, enjoying their company and I love storms, (the ones where no one gets hurt) all that time to read, Ah Julie life is good......:-) Hugs

  9. sounds so cozy....I think you have earned the break....the weather is cooperating for guilt free, you time.....just watch out for flying missiles and such....

  10. This sounds like the perfect getaway, weather adventure included. If you haven't already, you need to add A Reliable Wife to your summer reading.

    Did you like the Ann Packer? I loved The Dive From Clausen's Pier.

  11. Nice story, Julie, with some well-paced action in the rising storm. The week sounded like a heavenly experience - books, boys, naps, no internet! The perfect way to unwind from all the activity of the last few months, and when you get down to reading you don't fool around! I wouldn't be able to stay awake for all that. Your cup seems well-replenished and just what you need to tackle those papers.

  12. I was just reading along relaxed and appreciating your calm atmosphere and lunch with the boys...thinking how refreshing the cold front's breeze must be...then your neighbor's roof comes flying in. How quick things change, glad no one was hurt.


  13. I am so glad nobody was hurt (phew). I too love spending my days lazing about outside and appreciating the finer things in life that money cannot buy (sunsets, Mother Nature). But unfortunately I have to work to pay the bills! Pah. One day . . .

  14. Holy smokes, girl ... hold onto yer hat! I'm glad it didn't crash through the window! I came home from Calif. sick as a dog, rendering me horizontal all weekend and I read Jane Smiley's, Private Life. Loved it, esp. because of the time period (1883-1942) and that it's set in the S.F. Bay Area, my old stomping ground. I'm so glad you made your way back to the hammock. We must catch up!

  15. Holy crap! The impact of that stud through your porch wall must have made quite the crashing sound! Glad you weren't near it. Or the neighbor's roof. I know the wind can really whip through on the lake, but geez!

    Otherwise, sounds like a peaceful time out at Lake Snowbegone. I'm here now in sunny/humid FL, and just beginning to settle in. Pool is looking quite inviting, but that means I have to get myself into a suit.

    At the moment, a/c is pretty awesome.

  16. Whoah, I'm so glad no one was hurt! And that you got to spend a nice lunch with all three of your kids. Keep your head down, and your eyes up...

  17. That is quite the adventure you had, that plank is scary! I am glad you got to have lunch with your sons, how very special that must have been. Stopped by from SITS to say hi this morning. And, incidentally, The Speckled Monster was an excellent book.

  18. Now see, if it were me, I would be in the hammock with 1 book and 5 beers. And then the flying roof probably would have landed on me since I would have been too drunk to get up and go inside.

  19. Lately I can't concentrate on anything! Especially reading which makes me very sad.

    Wow, that 2x4 is unbelievable. Gorgeous sunset!

  20. Wow, what a storm. Don't mind storms but hate the wind. Have been way to close to several tornadoes.

    My apologies if my "Graduation: With 2 Outcomes" post offended you. I do believe in home schooling, the news and the way I got it just hurt.

  21. Wow...that was some storm!! Glad no one was hurt!
    I hate getting organized and putting things away. I can never find them again...never!! There must be a special place these things go too!!??
    Nice meeting you!!


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