Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Got Nothin'

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.
Theodore Geisel

I'm overdue for a post. I'm not even finished writing or visiting all those who left fascinating and most appreciated comments on my last post, but post I must and for my next entry? I got nothin'.

My oldest son, Jacob, walked in a few minutes ago. Caught me taking pictures of my lists which float around in the disorganized muck of my household. Explained to him I planned to use my 'Things to Do' as an excuse for not writing something better.

His reply?

"You can't force a blog post, Mom."

Hmmph. When did he get so smart?

However, now that I have the photos uploaded, I have an idea. Do my lists look like yours?

I'm thinking you are better organized. For if you focus on individual items on these pages like Find a real job or Write resume, you will also find:

Dental appointment
Kill cat for peeing on bathroom rug

Order announcements for Jordan's college graduation

in the midst of

Work out at YMCA
Finish novel
Write non-fiction book proposal

I ask you? What are the chances someone won't need another dental appointment before that novel is done? Or that this list will be around long enough for me to switch Jordan's name to Ian, who begins college in the fall? Or that the cat will even come home after I launched her ass out the back door? (Gag me. YMCA on there again?)

I must be honest. Several checklists hide in the dialogue of my journal, which is sort of a joke to myself. I don't go back and read my journal pages, therefore, whatever I tally there is lost forever. Also not included are the litany of duties I compose during my free hour while substitute teaching. When the last bell rings, I bunch those pages up and float them onto the floor to mingle among the daily handouts the students have left in a similar manner.

I also confess to little notes I leave myself regarding really important things that require immediate attention. Like these.

Notice the olive oil stain. Fresh, of course.

Somewhere I have a list of future blog posts. Not sure where that is right now.

As to that son of mine? Hahaha! I think I just forced a blog post after all!

Teach you to challenge me.

If by chance I haven't found my blog list by February 14th - here's to y'all.


  1. Julie (or do you prefer Julieanne??) I loved this post!! It's a brilliant example of what can just come right out of the air, sparked by something unexpected. You're very funny!

    But about those lists. I am not a list-maker, and confess that I look sideways at people who do that sort of thing. Well, not exactly sideways, but I have to wonder if your lists get you anywhere, simply because there are so many of them. And they seem to be everywhere!

    The exceptional daughter of my favourite Belgian has a little notebook book where she lists absolutely EVERYTHING, and she is the most organized person I know in this world. If I did do lists, this is the only way I could cope with them.

    As the highly distractable person that I am, I recognize in your lists my thought patterns. Oh sh**, this sounds like a criticism of you but it definitely isn't!!! I really enjoy everything you write, serious or otherwise. And you're way ahead of me at getting things done, so don't despair.

  2. No, I'm not better organized. I make lists and then lose them in the piles. I actually attended a seminar recently where several people on the panel told of making daily lists in the morning. Two, one personal and one business. I did it for a few days. It seemed like a good idea but I kept losing the lists.

  3. I know that you know this, but everytime I say 'I got nothin', I end up with a post that takes five minutes to read or a dozen photos to look at! I think that's my favorite kind of post from others, because the stream of consciousness gives us an insight into the current what's just going on in the person's brain, heart, and life, instead of being 'contrived', planned, or well thought out.

    I'm like you with the lists, yet am one of the most unorganized people you will ever meet. I have lists of things that didn't get done on other lists, but don't throw away the other list in case the new list gets lost. Lists on the counter, on the desk, in the bathroom on the mirror, in the car, especially in the purse. I tried Deborah's mention of a notebook of lists, but the notebook was never with me when I needed it.

    I have some future post topics for you: "Europe hotels" (for your son's honeymoon, or for you and hubby?); "trip to Alabama" (went to look at the college? how did that go?); "contact riverboat" (and some word that I couldn't make out that looks like 'cat fishing'); study purge (of lists or words?). See, that's four post ideas right there!

  4. I have a Monday-Friday list of things to do each day ('Defrost sausages'), plus another, general 'to do' list which includes things to be done in the next four to six weeks ('write to Gran'), plus a vague 'to do during my lifetime' list, which includes things like 'learn flamenco' and 'write hilarious children's book'. Do you think I need a job?

  5. I'm all about the sticky notes. They are everywhere...grocery store lists, to-do lists, blog ideas, you name it, I've written it on a sticky note...

  6. My husband's favourite response, "It's on the list"..his mythical list that resides in his imagination. Maybe I should buy him some sticky notes!

  7. You just whipped up dessert in no time! Jummy!

  8. hahahaha, delicious and delightful post...thanks for the day brightener! cute kid...

  9. Your lists do look like mine, never-ending! About a year ago, I started making lists on little post-it notes, instead of sheets of paper. No scratch outs, just crumple and toss, when done. And good luck with the wedding and graduation lists, I know those are huge! Hang in! Think summer, by the lake! lol So glad you liked the Crawfish Dip!

  10. You're funny, even when you have nothing to say! When I was in the classroom I had lists all over the place and relied on them. Now, at home, I have my grocery list and nothing else. I sort of miss lists.

    Your son is a cutie! Love the lips.

  11. I am totally disorganized, and I hate lists. Where does that leave me? In a big mess with no plans on getting out of it any time soon! Loved your post!

  12. All sounds familiar - I make lists all the time, if only for the pleasure of putting a line through things when I have done them (sometimes I add things I have already done, so that I can then cross them out!)

  13. I love your post! Clever and entertaining... made me think of my list that keeps growing by the second.

  14. That post worked Julie...I'm not your everyday typical list maker, but I have made a few in my time, especially around holiday meals.

  15. Ha, yea for your son.

    I did not start compiling and leaving the list reminders around until I became a parent--must be something related to that experience.

  16. Making lists is a waste of time. You could do some of the things in the time it takes one to make a list. You put down the impossible. Only put down what you know you can accomplish. Each day have some certain ones you have to do but don't put finishing a novel on your list. Just get the grad announcements one day and some groceries and drop off the dry cleaning.

  17. Your lists look remarkably like mine. I just wish that I could work my way through a list but they seem to be never ending!

  18. Yeah, your list looks like one of my too many lists. I write them and then tend to be too lazy to go find them so start new ones. I even bought one of those time management notebooks this year and it's still on the table with me wondering how the heck do I work the dratted thing.
    Dave doesn't keep lists but he's forever asking me to remember things for him. I just laugh and tell him a short pencil beats a long memory.

  19. i really enjoyed this post because many bloggers face this issue

  20. I've been feeling the same way. Life has gotten a little crazy for me and my mind just isn't coming up with any blog topics. I've decided to not post if I don't have anything, but to keep visiting all my friends.

  21. I do post-it notes on the kitchen counter, mostly. Longer lists than that are too much for my pinhead to handle.

    Listen to that kid of yours, though: don't force it. Go zen on the blog; it'll be what it'll be, when it wants to be.


  22. Sadly, my lists have lists. I blame it on the age.

    Happy St. Valentine's and Mardi Gras!

  23. Oh I hear ya, somedays I'm just stumbling around the keyboard and after 12 hours I wonder what I've accomplished other than putting my butt to sleep.

  24. Hey, I'm gonna go with, "you can't force a blog" from now on. This is why my posts are so few and far between these days. No forcing, ya know. Thanks Jacob.

  25. Lists? Yeah, I've got lists--no, more of the note variety: separate items on separate pieces of whatever kind of scrap paper (envelope, back of calendar page, etc.) is at hand. So I guess I'm not organized enough for real lists, much less lists of future blog posts. I commend you for that one! In fact, I commend you for this terrific, funny post!
    "You can't force a blog post." Ah, the wisdom of the young..

  26. I dig it when the older generation prevails in even the smallest conflicts.

  27. I generate the most amazing lists, then lose them in piles, notebooks, pockets...

    I never run out of ideas for what to blog about. But you have got to be feeling the ideas to make it into something good. There's the rub.

  28. You sound very busy. Life when children are still home is busy! It's the details. Plus you are working and writing a novel. And you don't have a blog post? Well, if it was me I would probably never get a post out. Pat yourself on the back for being so organized to even have lists - I keep thinking I should start one. But now I have a handy dandy little recorder that is brandy new and never used. Sigh

  29. A post after my own heart! Isn't it funny how we all think that everyone else has her life "organized" and everything cleaned up? That's one of the many beauties of blogging ... we see ourselves in each other and see how wonderfully human we are. I do make lists, yes, and I recognize some of my own "to do" items on yours. (Like writing that non-fiction book proposal!) Oh, and my favorite trick is to make a list of groceries and then forget to bring it with me to the store ... :-)

  30. I love and live lists. What is life without lists? I will surely never know. :-)

  31. What a delightful, "forced" post. I would never have the courage to post my own to-do lists. Yours is fascinating, the way EYE DOCTOR and EUROPE HOTELS show up in close proximity.


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