Sunday, July 12, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game and Other Vacation Tales

There is probably no more obnoxious class of citizen, taken end for end, than the returning vacationist.
Robert Benchley

In order to entice the #3 son to attend a family wedding in Colorado, we threw in a bribe and added a Colorado Rockies game. That it was the only game the Rockies lost in a 17 game run escaped our mind as we saw the Tampa Bay Devil Rays make 10 home runs. Most pleasant experience in Denver - riding the train down to the old Union Station and the ballpark. (I could not believe how Denver had grown since we moved away in 1984.) One dollar hot dog night. Tornado Watch in place as we eyed the ominous clouds that only rain-delayed us 40 minutes. Great fun.

Click on the pictures to get a better view of the stormy sky.

You can take the girl away from the lake, but she'll always find another one. Here is where we rented a cabin with my husband's brother and his family.

Columbine Lake in Grand Lake. The other edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, as opposed to Estes Park.

So peaceful down on that dock. No motors allowed on this lake -- only kayaks, canoes, paddleboats and me, with my book and journal.

This is the three of us (the older two sons working and not able to attend) dressed up for the wedding. Please notice I have my gut sucked in along with wearing one of those seal-it-all-in-there garments. I don't think it worked.

The bridal party oblivious to the falling rain and the umbrellas overhead - as it should be.

The lovely centerpieces and flower bouquets - limes, lemons, gerbera daisies, roses, pittosporum, and maiden hair ferns. Other untaken photos of the trip? The bride, my niece, absolutely beautiful. She met her beau while nurse interning at the Mayo Clinic. The groom -- a genuinely nice young man with a Minnesota accent (I had no trouble remembering mine and communicating with the throng of family and friends that ventured to the mountains of Colorado. Oh, to go Bohting in Minnesota) My sister-in-law and her groom of 30 years ready for a vacation to anywhere after putting on a wedding. But, then, there was Uncle Dave...

with whom I plug my ears as I'm never quite sure just what he is teaching my boys.

Happy Summer Everybody and Happy Birthday July 13 to Uncle Dave. (You are older than me, you old fart - like for another 30 days)

Can you believe I didn't get a good picture of the bride? I so need a new camera.


  1. The lake looked beautiful! I am glad that you had a good time.

    If you haven't posted your Humane Award, you still can...of course it is still available!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. A grand time was had by all!Love the photos!

  3. You had a great time and took some super pictures to share with us. Loved it all.

  4. I lived in Colorado for many years, went to high school there (Cherry Creek where I was a cheerleader) and my parents and sisters all still live in and around Denver (Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree and Centennial). Denver is such a fantastic city. And Coors Field is the most beautiful ball park in the country. I still root for the Rockies every chance I get! (And the Avalanche, Broncos and Nuggest.) We played our music in a lot of clubs in Denver and were even heard on the radio there (KBCO and KTCL).

    And Grand Lake is one of my favorite places. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I'll be going back to my home away from home in October, and I can't wait!

  5. Lovely photographs, both of the lake and of the wedding party - really enjoyed them all.

  6. Thanks for taking us along with you; Iloved the photo tour. The lake is quite beautiful and I would love the no motors rule.

  7. Are you kidding, you look great! Wedding looks and game look fun but that lake is amazing.

  8. I've always wanted to go a game at Coors Field.

    Nice photos...

  9. Missy - I've posted your award on the side of my blog. Will get to the write up shortly. Thank you!

    Angie - Fun indeed.

    Carol - Thanks. And, yes, it was a good time. Probably much more fun that putting on the wedding.

    lakeviewer- I figured you'd like the lake views!

    Weaver - Thanks. Probably looks a little different than where you live. So many beautiful places in this world.

    Debra - we've probably been there the same time. I graduated Northglenn High School. Cherry Creek was one of our main rivals. I, too, still have brothers there.

    Sandy - the lake was cool.

    PHST - yes, no motors is most lovely.

    SMB - Thanks. Hopefully I will have nothing to suck in by the time my son gets married. Just got back from the Y.

    Slamdunk - great stadium. Thanks for following.

  10. Jules, I think you look great in that picture. And yeah, where's the picture of the bride??

    The pictures of the lake you stayed at are gorgeous. I know why you have pictures of those!

    Looks like an awesome vacation.

  11. I could just glide around that lake all day. The wedding pictures were beautiful, and so were you! BTW we attended a baseball game the other night for the first time in years, after two hot dogs, and an ice-cream cone, those suck-it-all-in undergarments wouldn't have worked for me!

  12. Great photos! I will definitely go to Grand lake next time we go out there. And the days we were there were only days that the Rockies weren't in town.

  13. Thanks you SO much for visiting Thistle Cove Farm as well as joining. I am very happy to do likewise and have truly enjoyed my visit. Your photos are wonderful and I feel a kinship with Uncle Dave; I'm an "Auntie Mame"...all children need both, don't you think? It's a frosty world and someone needs to warm thing sup a bit!
    About the fawn...just today I blogged about a fawn in the road...wish I could have saved her but she was a wild little thing and wouldn't be caught.

  14. I love being in a place where everything is just still and the scenery beautiful. I envy you.

    Weddings are the best because everyone is so happy.

  15. The bride looks lovely! I thought that it was only the English that sit outside in the rain.

  16. Hey, we're from Arvada, Colorado! Moved here to Georgia in 1988 (and are still wondering what the hell we were thinking!). Love the fruit with the gerber daisies, what a great idea! I'm sure there are plenty of photos of the bride that you can borrow ...

  17. Great pics! I have one of those seal-it-all-in-there things. It's impossible to go to the bathroom once you're in it!

  18. Those shots were amazing! What fun..........

  19. Oh, everything was beautifully sucked in. You all are luuuuverly. And how smart to stay away from the Estes Park side!

  20. I'm so jealous! Thank you for the vicarious pleasure and for a great photo of you - perhaps I can recognize you now if we meet. :-)

  21. Liar - you liar you!

    Nancy - Somedays there is just too much to suck in. Enjoying your blog.

    Michelle Renee - Thanks. Cathing a baseball game seems like hit or miss traveling the country. Fun to see all the ball parks.

    Thistle Cove - Yes, I read your fawn piece. I so enjoy your blog. Thanks for joining mine.

    Little Miss - I find it important to seek out places of calm even if I'm within a mile of my house.

    Chesire - That made me chuckle. Yes, being a baseball mom, I can't tell you how often I sit in the rain. Work with what we have, I guess.

    Wander - Yes, I'm sure I'll receive a photo in the mail. I know Arvada. I went to Northglenn.

    Willow - You've inspired me to write a post on bathrooming while sucked in. Thanks for joining.

    Vodka Mom - Thanks for commenting. I know it must be difficult with so many followers to choose from.

    Jocelyn - Beautifully sucked in, indeed. And the other side isn't as tourist free anymore either.

    Pamela - Yes, we really should attend a WriterGrrl lunch soon.

  22. Sounds and looks like a really great vacation. Great picture of you and two of your "boys." I'm a lake girl, too, and reading this made me want to go to Colorado really bad.

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