Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ode to the Daily - Good Hair Not Required

Good thing we've still got politics in Texas -- finest form of free entertainment ever invented.
Molly Ivins

Since getting up at the crack of dawn for this job, many habits have disappeared from my long-established routine. This absence of the rituals that led to the leisurely beginning of my work-at-home-day pains me deeply, but one aspect I especially regret is the daily devouring of every word in the morning newspaper. My husband leaves it beside the toilet for me every day, but something about not being able to snuggle with a cup of coffee under the covers takes away the pleasure of fully scouring the pages. As a result, I’m a tad behind on the local news.

I quote Molly Ivins, who succumbed to breast cancer in 2007, as she was a talented columnist and a bold purveyor of Texas politics. I thought of her while driving to and from work the last few days for I’ve noticed a few of these red, white, and blue Texas flag bumper stickers flanked by the word SECEDE. Seems our above-pictured current governor, who Miss Molly tagged “Governor Goodhair” was revving up the old debate regarding the great state of Texas’ independence. (He does have good hair, doesn't he? Sort of cute, too. But... that's all folks.) So sorry I missed his speech at the Austin tea party on tax day. Other than the fact that seeing Secede stickers in Austin makes me feel like we've been invaded by Rednecks, I'm wondering what more important matters I've missed in the pages of the daily rag. I can only imagine.

One Sunday morning many months ago, I was sitting on the dock reading the paper. I had asked a visiting friend going into the cottage to refill my Bloody Mary. (I made the first batch.) She sent it down for delivery from my just-arrived oldest son, the employed new college graduate. Always good to have your children deliver your bad vices.

“You really need to change your reading material,” he said, arriving undetected behind me.

“What’s wrong with the obituaries?” I asked. "Where else do you get such good ideas on how to live life?"

He set my morning imbibement on the table and knelt down beside. “Mom? Is there something wrong with being normal?”

He’s just like his dad.

So, if asked what I miss most about not reading the newspaper everyday? The Editorial section, whether I agree or not. Second? Obituaries.

And just for the record, all Texans don’t have good hair. In fact, many of us are proud to say ours is out of place.


  1. First! :) I have a love/hate with Perry. He does have good hair and a cute face, but otherwise, I think he's a worm that's still turning right under our noses.

  2. Oh, and your oldest son has a J.O.B.??? :) Good for him.

    If I see one more Secede sign, I will have to think about becoming a redneck and drawing the shotgut outta the back of my truck window and aiming it at the offender. People, this is Austin!!

    Okay, I'm calming down now.

  3. Yes, oldest son started his job last November, before he graduated. One down, two to go!

  4. Bad hair + bloody mary still = a good day. :)

  5. Another episode to confirm to the world at large that we Texans are idiots. Arrgh!

  6. I always read the obituaries! And I don't even know anybody here to see if anyone I know died! I'm 60 years old, so think I should start now to prepare mine while I've got the chance, to fill in the blanks now where I see that I'll fall short. Really, you do see so much about a person in those few short paragraghs. There are some who lived a long and rich life and have dozens of survived bys, and some who's family couldn't think of a thing to say about them but that they lived and died. I think I'll fall somewhere in the middle. I've even cried at some, as if I really knew them, or as if I'm totally jealous of the life they've led, or most probably because the family put so much thought and emotion into this last tribute to a loved one.

  7. I loved this post on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. The bloody mary in the morning. Sitting on the dock. College grad that has a job. (Don't you love it, mine too) And the fact that you read the obits. Love it.

  8. Angie: A good day, indeed!

    Busy Traveler: Yes, does seem like were always running interference.

    Wander to the Wayside: Yes, i find myself crying sometimes - for both good and not so good things. I hope my family write me up well.

    SMB - Thanks, and yes, move those kids out!


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