Friday, October 23, 2015

Jacob, Jacob

We've had bad luck with our kids — they've all grown up. 
Christopher Morley

Thirty years ago this Sunday, I was terrified. Not only did the natural childbirth labor I thought such a wise choice loom before me, I had to raise a kid once I got it out. I knew nothing about that. I didn't even like kids.

Half of my fears dissipated shortly after those 64 stitches earned while ending that labor began to heal. Since I'm still here apparently raising that kid didn't do me in either.  Tested me a few thousand times, but as that kid, that boy his dad and I named Jacob, celebrates his 30th birthday, I celebrate him with this brief chronicle.

So you were what was in there.
After many attempts, finally took an  experienced and rather gruff nurse to come in, grab my breast, and shove it in your mouth for the two of us to figure out how to keep you in food.
For some reason, Grandma Bernie loved that photo so much she penciled it.
Wasn't long before you threw me over for a singing Care Bear.

Discovered pumpkins were okay companions.

Tried every activity we forced you into even if you were uncertain as to the outcome. "Mom?"

Took boat rides with strangers.
Adopted a steadfast dedication to your clothing and your artistic abilities.
Napped like your old man.
Smiled even if you didn't have any teeth.
Swam in whatever swimming hole I brought you to.
Collected Christmas presents while wearing a Green Bay Packer sweatshirt (before going to the dark side and cheering for the pseudo America's Team.)

Volunteered your time, costumed of course, with your brothers.
And the years went by and are chronicled in all those albums and boxes and more boxes not shown that had you a different mother might be more organized so she might know which ones held photos of just you. Alas... fell in love in high school.
Graduated from college and got one of those rings you had to drink an entire pitcher of beer to get. 
A proud parent moment. First time alcohol ever passed those lips, I am certain.
Got a job, fell even more in love, and got a dog.

Married that lovely high school sweetheart.
Endured yet another costume I provide every Fourth of July.
Continue each day to create an incredible life.

Happy 30th Birthday, Jacob. Don't quite know how it went that fast.
Most proud of you.


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