Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Funk Busted

There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.  
Charles Morgan

If I'd had something to say, I would have posted a blog in the past month or more. Still pondering all the comments made on my last post and lots of ideas have milled around my hayfever-addled brain. No order to my thoughts materialized. Instead of making something up, I succumbed to my funk. Last Thursday night, my funk busted.

There I was sitting in my chair, water glass on the table, TV off, reading a book about Central America and imagining a vacation when I heard the garage door open and footsteps coming into the house. I looked up and who did I see but my Ian, that Bama Boy standing beside my chair. Fall break and he had a few days off. Decided to surprise us.

I hadn't seen that face since the first week of August and, yes, I burst into tears.

After rousting his dad from bed, we had a toast to his arrival. Even after his 12 hour drive, we sat up talking into the wee hours. We covered the upcoming elections/Crimson Tide football/the Green Bay Packers/his two restaurant jobs/his friends/culinary schools/The Lucky Peach and much more. (Lost Dad after the first hour.)

When I get to bed after such conversation, my mind tends to ward off sleep--the words spoken revisited in my thoughts. I finally drifted off, content that kid was upstairs in his own bed.

Next day, we took a ride downtown Austin to eat lunch at one of the food trailer sites on South Congress.

Ian had a shrimp cole slaw cone

I had a soft Kerala Kokonu doso - squash, eggplant, zucchini, carrots and cauliflower in fresh coconut sauce. Cilantro chutney and Sambar - a lentil dipping sauce. Delicious.

Of course, for dinner, we had to visit our favorite Mexican restaurant. Last summer, Ian and Jordan worked weekends and Jacob and Chelsea during the week. Could never get everyone together for a family dinner. Wait a couple months and problem solved.

Here they all are, plus Jordan's lovely girlfriend, Leigh. Lots of fun.

Happy Dad.
A quick trip to the lake proffered a Packer game with Ian in attendance and...
a visit on the dock from both a heron and Great Blue Heron.
A most welcome visit. Thanks for coming home, Ian. See you at the Alabama/Texas A&M game in Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide and Whoop! Will have both flags on hand.


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